The Art of the Long Game

How can we bring back the art of managing people? The art of the long game? We need to give customers and employees the feeling we are here for the long run. Yes, people are moved when they are part of a company that’s playing the long game with so much transparency and focus on numbers every day. Everyone is asking “How much can we make?” nowadays, not  “What can we build?” Meaning short term goals are most people’s main focus in business these days. They ask, “How can I cut costs, or increase margins today”, even at the expense of growth or good will tomorrow. 

You wonder why so many people are unhappy at their jobs, and why there is less and less customer loyalty. The average employee stays at a company less than 3 years !! Yikes. Can’t imagine the costs so many companies get hit with year in and year out hiring employees.

Well, I think the answer is simple, we all need to change our expectations on what we expect from our favorite companies. Maybe seeing or talking to the same person when you call a company should mean more to the customer. Maybe we should see what companies are really doing with profits  to make the community or world better. What are companies supporting outside of their shareholders or filling their pockets ?

Maybe it’s me, but I feel like every company is in this grind or battle and I am getting nickel and dimed every which way. Even though so many of these companies seem very profitable, ie: hotels, airlines, car rentals, phone companies, cable companies,  gas stations ( you gotta pay for air now!), credit cards, etc. I mean does anyone truly have loyalty to the companies above? I used to. Now it’s just about what's easy, what’s a deal, what stupid rewards program you get,  or just plain old price ! Maybe I just miss my old relationships with my favorite brands. I thought they cared about me.

Do you agree with me? Happy to hear your thoughts.


Song of the Day: "Somebody To Love" by Queen

Quote of the Day: “Just having satisfied customers isn’t good enough anymore. If you really want a booming business, you have to create raving fans.” -Ken Blanchard

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