“Project X” hosted by Brandon Steiner is a web-based live Q&A television series that provides aspiring entrepreneurs answers to their questions about marketing, PR and the overall success of their business, as well as investment opportunities from Brandon Steiner, Founder and CEO of Steiner Sports, and his many celebrity guests.


Episode 103 - May 21, 2019

What the sports industry will look like in 20 years with Rick Horrow

If you love sports and are fascinated by business dealings in this trillion-dollar global industry, then Rick Horrow's 'The Sport Business Handbook: Insights From 100+ Leaders Who Shaped 50 Years of the Industry' is the anthology you've waited for. It provides insider perspectives from more than 100 of the biggest names in the sport business industry. Plentiful examples and stories, including insiders' views of major sports deals, make this book a bible of information for those looking to begin or advance a career in the field or for anyone interested in the behind-the-scenes intricacies of sport business.


Episode 102 - May 8, 2019

How the Yankees went from 'Chumps to Champs' with Bill Pennington

Bill Pennington is a reporter for the New York Times and has been writing about sports for twenty-five years. A former syndicated sports columnist, Pennington is a ten-time finalist and five-time winner of the Associated Press Sports Editors' national writing contest. He joined the show to discuss his new book "Chumps to Champs", which explains how the worst teams in Yankees history led to the '90's dynasty.



Episode 101 - April 16, 2019

The Power of the Velocity Mindset with Ron Karr

Ron Karr is a speaker, marketing consultant and author based in New Jersey. For 36+ years, Karr has excelled at sales and leadership positions, for which he is recognized as the leading "Sales Success Expert" and has appeared as a guest on national TV including FOX , Bloomberg, C-Suite Network and others. He is an in-Demand Global Keynote Speaker, and Highly Acclaimed Author of Lead, Sell, or Get Out of the Way. He was elected as the president of National Speakers Association for 2013-14 and he is the president of Karr Associates, Inc. Karr is a National Board Member of the NSA and a past president of the New York City Chapter of NSA. In 1995, the New York Tri-State Chapter presented him with the Golden Mike Award.



Episode 100 - April 15, 2019

The Inside Scoop on the New York Yankees

Bob Klapisch has covered baseball for the New York Post, New York Daily News, and Bergen Record as well as ESPN, FOX Sports and USA Today. His work has appeared in Sports Illustrated, Rolling Stone and Men’s Journal. Klapisch has won several Top-5 awards in the prestigious Associated Press Sports Editors contest and appears regularly on MLB Network. He joined the show to discuss his new book, "Inside the Empire: The True Power Behind the New York Yankees", which he wrote with Paul Solotaroff. It's a riveting look at what is really said and done behind closed doors with the New York Yankees, the most famous and wealthiest sports franchise in the world.


Episode 99 - April 8, 2019

Exploring the Evolution of Pitching with Tyler Kepner

Tyler Kepner started covering baseball as a teenager, interviewing players for a homemade magazine that was featured in The New York Times in 1989. He attended Vanderbilt University on the Grantland Rice/Fred Russell sportswriting scholarship, then covered the Angels for the Riverside (Calif.) Press-Enterprise and the Mariners for the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. He joined The New York Times in 2000, covering the Mets for two seasons, the Yankees for eight, and serving as the national baseball writer since 2010.


Episode 98 - March 15, 2019

How To Build A Multi-Million $ Business with Seal Skin Covers

Warren B. Jobs, a partner at seal Skin Covers, discusses his journey as an entrepreneur and how to build a multi-million dollar business.



Episode 97 - March 12, 2019

Creating A Moment In The Social Media Age with Dave Kerpen

Dave is a serial entrepreneur, New York Times best selling author, and global keynote speaker. Dave is the Founder and Chairman of Likeable Local, a social media software company serving thousands of small businesses, as well as the chairman and cofounder of Likeable Media, an award-winning social media and word-of-mouth marketing agency for big brands. His newest book, The Art of People: 11 Simple People Skills That Will Get You Everything You Want is out now.


Episode 96 - March 7, 2019

What You Didn't Know About George Washington, with Mary Calvi

Award-winning journalist Mary Calvi has provided live breaking news reports on a wide range of stories across the tri-state area. Calvi’s credits include nine Emmy awards, including two for her live breaking news coverage, and one for an in-depth series on sexual pedophiles, “Predator Next Door.” She joined WCBS-TV in 2002 from News 12 Westchester where she served as anchor and assistant news director. 'Dear George, Dear Mary: A Novel of George Washington's First Love' is Calvi's first novel. It examines heiress Mary Philipse's relationship with George Washington, based on historical accounts, letters, and personal journals.



Episode 95 - March 5, 2019

Creating the Ultimate Gameday Experience with Daina Falk

She grew up at sporting events and around professional athletes who were clients of her father, David Falk, a pioneer of the sports agent industry. Daina decided to create a platform for the tailgaters, homegaters, sports- bar-goers and sporting event attendees of the world. Thus, Hungry Fan® was born. As the founder and face of Hungry Fan®, Daina can often be seen hosting events, TV shows and segments or promoting her cookbook. She has appeared on shows such as Late Night with Seth Meyers and The Today Show; and she hosted Toughest Tailgate, which highlight NFL tailgating traditions, on CBS Sports. She has done celebrity chef appearances for teams such as the New York Giants and Yankees. And her first cookbook hit bookshelves in August 2016 and was a bestseller on Amazon.com in Tailgate Cooking. Published by Oxmoor House (of Time Inc.), the game day cookbook features Daina's own Fangating™recipes and those she collected from Olympians and professional athletes such as Michael Jordan, LeBron James, Andre Agassi, Boomer Esiason and Robert Griffin III.


Episode 94 - February 28, 2019

Enhancing The Live Music Experience with Live Nation's Tom See

Tom See is Live Nation's President of Venues (and a former Steiner Sports intern). He chatted with Brandon Steiner about transforming concerts into VIP experiences.


Episode 93 - February 11, 2019

Trying to catch up to an extraordinary entrepreneur, Randy Garn

Randy Garn is the Chief Revenue Officer / Principal at Hero Partners. Randy is a New York Times Best selling author and a passionate entrepreneur. He loves growing companies through proven strategic methods and enjoys the process of understanding a companies core strengths. He was awarded Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst and Young, was a Top 40 under 40 Entrepreneur, and has received various awards in social and charitable involvement. Randy is an alumnus of Brigham Young University, a graduate of the Owner President Management Program at Harvard University, and is an alumnus of the Harvard Business School.


Episode 92 - February 11, 2019

The Man Who Saved My Life, Dr. Bruce Bloom

Dr. Bruce Bloom is my health guru. I think he quite literally saved my life with the advise he has given me, and the changes he has helped me make in the way I eat, sleep, workout...everything!


Episode 91 - January 31, 2019

People Are Buzzing About This New Product

I brought an old friend Jon Bergstol on the show to talk about his new business venture, La La Land Hemp, a company that currently is offering a CBD + Omega 3 combo supplement.



Episode 90 - January 30, 2019

Making The Right Choices With Your Money

The acclaimed J. Alexander Martin has externalized many successful ventures in the fashion industry including the iconic clothing line FUBU –“For Us By Us” – serving as the co-founder and Vice President. Today, his kingdom includes a clothing line, a non-profit and a consulting firm. Through all of his endeavours, it is his innate talent and ability to predict trends that have caused him to impact the fashion world once again. Rightfully portrayed as the man who made urban culture a part of the mainstream, J’s consistency in fashion has now given him a platform to emerge as an effectual leader once again.



Episode 89 - January 28, 2019

Being An Expert Salesperson Requires A Healthy Foundation

There are a lot of things that factor into your success in business and they start with your mental, physical and nutritional health. I brought back two my GURUS, Dana Cavalea, former Director of Strength & Conditioning for the 2009 World Series Champion New York Yankees and author of Habits of a Champion, and Steve Nudelberg, expert speaker and author of Confessions of a Serial Salesman. A surprise visit to the show was made by entrepreneur Bonnie Sussman, who's innovative new product GoLidz (golidz.com) is going to take over the food service industry.


Episode 88 - January 24, 2019

So You Think You Know Baseball?

Darren Gurney has been coaching baseball at the collegiate and high school level since 1992. Since receiving his first coaching position, Gurney has coached over 20 players who were selected in the MLB Draft or who have gone on to play professional baseball. Put your baseball knowledge to the test!


Episode 87 - January 24, 2019

Achieving The Level Beyond Success with Dan Clark

Dan Clark is a Keynote Speaker, a CEO of an international high performance communication and leadership development company; a New York Times Best Selling Author; a Hall of Fame Professional Speaker; a University Professor; an Extreme Adventurer; a Gold Record Songwriter; an Award Winning Athlete; and 2012 Utah Father of the Year. He has become the modern day Napoleon Hill, having interviewed the world’s most successful business gurus and champion athletes to share their secrets on what works and why.


Episode 86 - January 23, 2019

Using The Power Of Thought To Create Miracles With Mitch Horowitz

A widely known voice of esoteric ideas, Mitch Horowitz is a writer-in-residence at the New York Public Library, lecturer-in-residence at the University of Philosophical Research in Los Angeles, and the PEN Award-winning author of books including Occult America; One Simple Idea: How Positive Thinking Reshaped Modern Life; and The Miracle Club: How Thoughts Become Reality. Mitch has written on everything from the war on witches to the secret life of Ronald Reagan for The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, Salon, Time.com, and Politico. The Washington Post says Mitch "treats esoteric ideas and movements with an even-handed intellectual studiousness that is too often lost in today's raised-voice discussions." He narrates popular audio books including Alcoholics Anonymous and The Jefferson Bible. Mitch has discussed alternative spirituality on CBS Sunday Morning, Dateline NBC, NPR's All Things Considered, CNN, and throughout the national media. The Chinese government has censored his work.


Episode 85 - January 16, 2019

Take Charge Of Your Health By Changing Your Relationship With Food

Nourishment Expert, Speaker and Author Jeanette Bronée has more than 15 years of experience helping people overcome their daily confusion and struggles with eating while avoiding the restrictive nature of dieting. Her core belief is that when we focus on feeling healthy, vibrant, and nourished, weight loss is just a welcome side effect. This handbook offers a condensed guide to the first step in her path to self-nourishment. With a focus on basic food knowledge -- including a lucid explanation of hunger and digestion and an in-depth guide to the foods and eating habits that will help you stay satisfied longer after a meal -- her book Eat to Feel Full aims to help its readers feel better about eating, feel better after eating, and gain mastery of their appetites through an increased sense of well-being. Her TEDx talk is an example of how we can take charge of our health by changing our relationship with food.


Episode 84 - January 14, 2019

Why Companies Need To Be Like Amazon To Survive

A conversation with Bryan Eisenberg, one of the authors of "Be Like Amazon: Even A Lemonade Stand Can Do It."



Episode 83 - December 18, 2018

The Key To Focusing On Your Health with Susan Sly & Jeff Cox!

Susan Sly and Jeff Cox join the show to discuss mental and physical wellness, and their new business, Radius AI.


Episode 82 - December 17, 2018

Being A Lonely Entrepreneur with Michael Dermer

Michael Dermer is an entrepreneur, speaker, lawyer and founder/author of The Lonely Entrepreneur. Michael is considered the founder of not only a company, but an industry – rewarding individuals for healthy behavior. Michael left a promising law career to start IncentOne, the first company to provide rewards for healthy behavior. At the time, rewards in healthcare were not only non-existent – they were offensive. He was told over and over “we will never reward people for things they should be doing to be healthy.”



Episode 81 - December 14, 2018

Baseball chat with Cespedes Family BBQ Creators Jake Mintz and Jordan Shusterman from MLB Cut4

From bratwursts to bobbleheads, mascots to mohawks and walkoffs to walkup music, everything awesome in MLB--that's Cut4 and Jake Mintz and Jordan Shusterman, after creating a blog called Cespedes Familly BBQ in high school, now are a part of a growing youth wave in baseball.


Episode 80 - December 14, 2018

The Key To Sustaining Loving Relationships with Krista Rizzo

Krista Rizzo is the very definition of #WhyAmIYelling? Once an aspiring talk show host, she’s now a Professional Life Coach, Motivational Speaker and the creator of the life changing “Inspiring Transformation” programs, where she is determined to YELL about spreading optimism everywhere she goes. She lives in Brooklyn, NY with her very tolerant husband and their two boys. When she’s not busy being the World’s Okayest Mom, Krista can be found hiding in her closet enjoying the peace and quiet with a good book, a glass of prosecco and some dark chocolate.


Episode 79 - December 13, 2018

How Did Buster Douglas Beat Mike Tyson?

Jeremy Schaap has been with the ESPN since 1994. He now serves as the co-host of the weekly E:60 on Sunday mornings and continues to contribute to ESPN’s other studio shows, including Outside the Lines and SportsCenter. Additionally, Schaap is the host of the award-winning weekly radio show and podcast The Sporting Life.



Episode 78 - December 12, 2018

How To Build A Dynasty And Win Championships In The NFL

Former NFL general manager and three-time Super Bowl winner Michael Lombardi reveals what makes football organizations tick at the championship level. From personnel to practice to game-day decisions that win titles, Lombardi shares what he learned working with coaching legends Bill Walsh of the 49ers, Al Davis of the Raiders, and Bill Belichick of the Patriots, among others, during his three decades in football.



Episode 77 - December 2, 2018

Breaking down women's basketball with WNBA legend Teresa Weatherspoon

2x Olympic gold medalist, NCAA Champion and one of the greatest players in women's basketball history, Teresa Weatherspoon joined Brandon Steiner for a discussion about the state of the WNBA and women's basketball overall.


Episode 76 - November 30, 2018

Lamar Odom Reflects On His NBA Career

2x NBA Champion Lamar Odom joins Brandon Steiner to discuss the highlights of his NBA career.


Public Relations

Episode 75 - November 21, 2018

Why Dan Klores made a 20-hour documentary about basketball

Dan Klores joins the show with Brandon Steiner to discuss his love for the game of basketball and why he wanted to create, "Basketball: A Love Story," a 10-part, 20-hour documentary released in partnership with ESPN that featured 165 interviews from legends of the game of basketball.

Public Relations

Episode 74 - November 20, 2018

What Barry Watkins Learned from a Career of Running PR for Madison Square Garden

Longtime Chief Communications Officer for the Madison Square Garden Company, Barry Watkins, joins the show to discuss his career with Brandon Steiner. Watkins, who left his role with MSG in 2017, has started Clairvoyant Media Strategies (www.clairvoyantstrategies.com).



Episode 73 - November 19, 2018

A look at the life of Tom Gola, Mr. All-Around in basketball, with David Grzybowski

In Mr. All-Around, avid sports fan and reporter David Grzybowski provides a definitive biography of Tom Gola, one of two men in history to win the NIT, NCAA Tournament and NBA Championship. He uses exclusive interviews he conducted with Gola in 2013 and features anecdotes by many figures of Philadelphia and basketball history, including John Cheney, Fran Dunphy, and Lionel Simmons.


Episode 72 - November 2, 2018

How a Prominent Sports and Celebrity Agent Hit Bottom at the Top with Darren Prince

Darren Prince has been in the sports and entertainment industry since he was 14 years old. He built a multi-million dollar baseball card company and then became a leader in private autograph signings. After selling his company he launched Prince Marketing Group in 1996 representing Magic Johnson, Smokin Joe Frazier, Dennis Rodman, Chevy Chase, and Pamela Anderson for marketing opportunities such as endorsements, corporate events and licensing. Over the last 20 years PMG has continued to add such legendary talent as Hulk Hogan, Charlie Sheen, Ric Flair, Roy Jones Jr, and the late Evel Knievel.


Episode 71 - November 1, 2018

World Series champion CC Sabathia is returning for another year

New York Yankees World Series Champion pitcher and 2007 AL CY Young Award winner CC Sabathia joins Brandon Steiner to discuss his career in baseball.


Episode 70 - October 29, 2018

The bad science behind CTE with Merril Hoge

Brandon Steiner is joined by former NFL running back Merril Hoge, who worked as an analyst at ESPN for twenty-one years, helping launch ESPN2, NFL Live, and Fantasy Football. Hoge is chairman of the board of the Highmark Caring Foundation and on the board of the Chuck Noll Foundation for Brain Injury Research. Active in concussion research and in the prevention and treatment of brain injuries, Hoge testified at a congressional hearing on football head injuries in 2009 and was appointed to the NFL Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Committee in 2010. In 2018, Hoge helped launch Your Call Football and is the author of Find a Way: Three Words That Changed My Life. He lives in Fort Thomas, Kentucky.


Episode 69 - October 10, 2018

Writing a book about one of football's most elusive figures with Ian O'Connor

ESPN sports columnist and New York Times Bestselling author Ian O'Connor joins Brandon Steiner to discuss his new book, "Belichick: The Making of the Greatest Football Coach of All Time." Ian O'Connor is a senior writer at ESPN.com, a nationally-acclaimed columnist, and the author of three previous books, including The New York Times bestsellers Arnie & Jack and The Captain: The Journey of Derek Jeter. He has finished in first place in more than a dozen national writing contests.


Episode 68 - October 8, 2018

Taking the fear out of selling with Phil Jones

A conversation about taking the fear out of selling with bestselling author, sales coach and professional Speaker Phil Jones.


Episode 67 - October 2, 2018

Revolutionizing sports sales with Troy Tutt

Brandon Steiner is joined by sales expert Troy Tutt, current VP of Partnerships at InviteManager, to discuss their emerging product and his career.


Episode 66 - September 17, 2018

From WNBA Stardom to a Singing Career with Kym Hampton

Former WNBA All-Star with the New York Liberty, the leading scorer and rebounder in Arizona State history, and now singer and actress Kym Hampton joins Brandon Steiner to discuss her multi-faceted career journey.


Episode 65 - September 17, 2018

The World's First Sports Stock Market® took 17 years to build with Chris Rabalais

Chris Rabalais is the founder of AllSportsMarket ("ASM"), an experimental exchange where investors can buy and sell sports teams, just like traditional stocks, and earn dividends when their teams win or appreciate in value. He has been working on the project for 17 years and he joined Brandon Steiner to discuss his entrepreneurial journey.

The ASM exchange is operated by The New Sports Economy Institute ("NSEI"), a 501(c)(3) non-profit, tax exempt organization registered in California and approved by the Internal Revenue Service.


Episode 64 - September 13, 2018

Helping athletes discover their most passionate fans with Swish Goswami

Brandon Steiner is joined by serial tech entrepreneur, renowned TEDx speaker, Fortune 500 consultant and LinkedIn Youth Editor Manu (Swish) Goswami for a discussion about his latest venture, Trufan Inc., an app to help brands and public figures discover their most passionate fans on social media.


Episode 63 - August 30, 2018

Becoming an Olympic Gold Medalist and Giving Back with Diane Dixon

1984 Olympic Gold Medalist and 1988 Olympic Silver Medalist in the 4 x 400 meter relay, Diane Dixon, joins the show with Brandon Steiner. Diane is a native of Brooklyn, New York and is on a mission to revamp and revitalize sports programs for kids across the tri-state area.


Episode 62 - August 15, 2018

The honor of putting on Yankees pinstripes to go to work with Austin Romine

Austin Romine is a catcher for the New York Yankees. He was drafted out of high school by the team in 2007 and made his Major League Baseball debut in 2011. Romine has caught games from Yankees legends Mariano Rivera and Andy Pettitte, as well as the current staff. The team is poised to make a deep postseason run and I had a great conversation with him about what it feels like to put on the pinstripes everyday.


Episode 61 - August 8, 2018

Lessons in life and business with Scott MacGregor and Kevin Singleton

Scott MacGregor, Founder & CEO of SomethingNew, has 20+ years of experience as a top sales performer and VP of Sales & Marketing in the technology industry working for and with Fortune 500/1000 companies. Scott founded SomethingNew based on experiencing firsthand the frustrations in recruiting top talent and in being recruited, which led him to build an organization devoted to delivering better results for companies looking to build high performing teams and the candidates they need to accomplish amazing results. Kevin Singleton is currently the executive director of Elevate New York, an educational mentoring nonprofit he founded in 2009. "Standing O!" is a collection of essays from athletes, CEOs, and entrepreneurs sharing the lessons they've learned from influential people in their lives.


Episode 60 - August 8, 2018

Moneyball 2.0 with Ben Reiter

Ben Reiter is a senior writer for Sports Illustrated, which he joined in 2004. He has written 25 cover stories for the magazine and has also contributed to Time and The Village Voice, among other publications. His SI feature 'The Seeker: The Complicated Life and Death of Hideki Irabu' won the 2017 Deadline Award for Magazine Profile. He frequently appears on radio and television stations across the United States and around the world, and is a regular commentator on the MLB Network. Astroball is his first book.


Episode 59 - July 31, 2018

The next great revenue generating opportunity is in esports, with Matt Prisco and Kyle Rudy

CEO of LPK esports & Entertainment Matt Prisco and Team Manager and Head Coach of Knicks Gaming Kyle Rudy join the show for a discussion about esports and the NBA 2K League.


Episode 58 - July 27, 2018

Winning an Emmy on one of the Greatest TV Shows of All-Time, with Michael Imperioli

Emmy Award-winning actor Michael Imperioli joins the show to discuss his career coming up through the acting ranks, starring on The Sopranos, James Gandolfini, and a number of exciting new projects he just finished filming. In addition, Michael just released a new book titled, "The Perfume Burned His Eyes."


Episode 57 - July 24, 2018

A Life in football and raising $35 million for charity with Marty Lyons

Marty Lyons was a NFL player for the New York Jets where he served for twelve years as a premiere defensive lineman following a successful stint at the University of Alabama. He also founded the Marty Lyons Foundation, which is dedicated to granting the wishes of seriously-ill children and ahs raised over $35 million.


Episode 56 - July 24, 2018

The artistry behind sports photography with Anthony Causi

Anthony Causi is a world-class sports photographer. He is an artist, a true historian of the craft with a unique backstory to how he got started as a runner in the bowels of the old Yankee Stadium. Iconic photographs credited to his name include shots of Mariano Rivera running onto the field from the bullpen at Yankee Stadium, and Derek Jeter touching the "Thank the Good Lord for Making Me a Yankee" sign in the tunnel at the Old Yankee Stadium. He has shot concerts, events, NBA basketball, All-Star Games and more. He has traveled the world doing a job he loves.


Episode 55 - July 24, 2018

Announcing the biggest games in NBA History with Mike Breen

The signature voice of the NBA, Mike Breen is the lead play-by-play announcer for New York Knicks telecasts on MSG Network alongside courtside partner, Knicks legend Walt “Clyde” Frazier. Breen is also the lead national play-caller for the NBA, including the NBA Finals, on ABC and ESPN.


Episode 54 - July 23, 2018

Mastering sales with today's technologies with Sam Richter

Sam Richter is an internationally recognized expert on sales intelligence and online reputation management. His award-winning experience includes building innovative programs for start-up companies and some of the world's most famous brands.


Episode 53 - July 23, 2018

Sports Broadcaster Anita Marks

Kimberly Jones is a New York City-based sports reporter. From 2005 to 2011, she was the clubhouse reporter for New York Yankees games on the YES Network. She currently works for the NFL Network and WFAN radio in New York City.


Episode 52 - July 23, 2018

A conversation with one of the most versatile broadcasters in sports, Kenny Albert

Kenny Albert, one of the most versatile broadcasters in sports, calls NHL games for NBC Sports Group and serves as blow-by-blow announcer for select Premier Boxing Champions (PBC) shows on NBCSN. Albert is the only national play-by-play broadcaster who calls football, basketball, baseball, hockey, and boxing.


Episode 51 - June 17, 2018

Swarnav Pujari Wants To Energize The World

Swarnav Pujari is the founder of Touch Light Innovations and the inventor of PowerPad. He has the vision to create a renewable energy source located in urban environments one step at a time. “Power Pads,” are one-square-foot devices that are placed under flooring or carpet and generate energy with each footfall. He envisions installing Power Pads at every major stadium, arena, mall, office space, or anywhere there is major foot traffic around the world.


Episode 50 - June 26, 2018

How to transition from a career as a star NFL player with D'Brickashaw Ferguson

After 10 years in the NFL with just 1 snap missed in his entire career, New York Jets "Iron Man" offensive lineman D'Brickashaw Ferguson has transitioned into a career in wealth management.



Episode 49 - June 26, 2018

Working your ass off to become a sports media influencer with Buster Scher

Hoops Nation founder and entrepreneur Buster Scher joins Brandon Steiner to talk about his passion for hoops and how that has translated to his growth as an influencer through Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. His success has brought about many opportunities to consult with athletes to assist in growing their brands.



Episode 48 - June 22, 2018

Jumping Into The Entrepreneurship Waters with Ian Ziering, and Dana Cavalea Joins!

Ian Ziering is is an American actor and voice actor best known for his role as Steve Sanders on the television series Beverly Hills, 90210, which he played from 1990 to 2000. He is also the voice of Vinnie on Biker Mice from Mars. Since 2013, he has starred as Fin Shepard in the Sharknado film series. He recently launched Chainsaw Brands--specifically the Icon dress shirt, A fashion-forward dress shirt, business shirt, travel shirt, and casual shirt in one. Designed by Actor, Businessman & Global Traveler Ian Ziering (Beverly Hills 90210, Sharknado, Celebrity Apprentice). Ziering joined Brandon Steiner to discuss the growth of the brand and his Kickstarter project. Also joining the show was Dana Cavalea, former strength & conditioning coach of the New York Yankees. Dana Cavalea spent 12 years with the New York Yankees Organization, many of those years as the Director of Strength and Conditioning & Performance Enhancement winning a World Series in 2009.


Episode 47 - June 20, 2018

Mayor Angel Perez Otero Remains Positive About Puerto Rico

Angel Perez Otero, Mayor of Guaynabo, Puerto Rico, joins Brandon Steiner for an in-depth discussion about the status of relief efforts following last year's devastating hurricanes.


Episode 46 - June 19, 2018

Wave.TV: The Future of Sports Media Broadcasting

A discussion with Head of Content for instagram.com/wave.tv Ryan Miglio, just a high school senior who is well on his way to a budding career in sports media. Founded on the belief that traditional sports media is ill-equipped for a world defined by sharing and two-way conversation, WAVE has created communities where players, influencers, and fans alike come to tell their story and get their daily sports fix. As the fastest growing sports media company WAVE’s network covers every sport, from Basketball to Cricket, and even hosts hyper-specific communities for Stephen Curry fanatics to congregate. On any given day you may be transported to the revelrous atmosphere of a Barcelona vs Real Madrid game, witness a spirited debate on the greatness of Lebron James and Michael Jordan, or be taken inside a day in the life of a player training for the NFL Draft. Headquartered in San Francisco, WAVE has raised $3.3M in funding from Sweet Capital, Golden Venture Partners, Tom Williams and Larry Braitman.



Episode 45 - June 14, 2018

Jon Gordon Creates Winning Cultures Through Positivity

Jon Gordon's best-selling books and talks have inspired readers and audiences around the world. His principles have been put to the test by numerous Fortune 500 companies, professional and college sports teams, school districts, hospitals, and non-profits. He is the author of 15 books including 5 best-sellers: The Energy Bus, The Carpenter, Training Camp, You Win in the Locker Room First and The Power of Positive Leadership. Jon and his tips have been featured on The Today Show, CNN, CNBC, The Golf Channel, Fox and Friends and in numerous magazines and newspapers. His clients include The Los Angeles Dodgers, The Atlanta Falcons, Campbell Soup, Dell, Publix, Southwest Airlines, LA Clippers, Miami Heat, Pittsburgh Pirates, BB&T Bank, Clemson Football, Northwestern Mutual, Bayer, West Point Academy and more. Jon is a graduate of Cornell University and holds a Masters in Teaching from Emory University. He and his training/consulting company are passionate about developing positive leaders, organizations and teams.


Episode 44 - June 8, 2018

How Tina Cervasio Became a Groundbreaking Sports Broadcaster

Tina Cervasio is one of the most versatile sports broadcasters and personalities on television and radio today. The 20-year broadcast veteran is currently a sideline reporter on CBS Sports Network for College Football and College Basketball, a talk radio host at SiruisXM NBA Radio, and the pregame and halftime host of New York Red Bulls broadcasts on MSG Network. Cervasio is also the host of “Red Bulls Insider,” a magazine-show on MSG, and handles part-time reporting and anchor duties on FOX 5 New York’s “Good Day New York” and “Sports Extra”.


Episode 43 - May 30, 2018

Jesse Itzler Lived With The Monks

Jesse Itzler only eats fruit 'til noon, loves Run-D.M.C., and enjoys living life "out of the box." In fact, he doesn't even have a box. The author of the New York Times bestseller, Living with a Seal, cofounded Marquis Jet, the world's largest private jet card company which he and his partner sold to Berkshire Hathaway/NetJets. Jesse then partnered with Zico coconut water, which he and his partner sold to The Coca-Cola Company. He's a former rapper on MTV and wrote and performed the NBA's Emmy Award-winning "I Love This Game" music campaign and the popular New York Knicks anthem "Go NY Go." When he's not running ultra-marathons, eating vegan food or being a dad to his four kids, Jesse can be found at the NBA's Atlanta Hawks games, where he's an owner of the team. He is married to Spanx founder Sara Blakely.


Episode 42 - May 15, 2018

Making Smart Financial Decisions with Harris Nydick

Harris Nydick is the author of Common Financial Sense: Simple Strategies for Successful 401(k) & 403(b) Retirement Plan Investing and is a cofounder of CFS Investment Advisory Services, L.L.C. A graduate of Syracuse University, he currently serves on the Investment Committee of the American Liver Foundation and is the vice president of the Jewish Community Foundation of Greater MetroWest New Jersey. He’s been recognized by Barron’s, Financial Times, and Forbes Best-In-State as one of the top wealth advisors in the country, and he frequently speaks and writes on the topic of retirement and financial planning.


Episode 41 - May 15, 2018

Michael Parrella, CEO of iLoveKickBoxing

As an entrepreneur Michael Parrella has scaled his own companies to 9 figures in sales and growing. His ventures include iLoveKickboxing.com with 1000+ locations around the world; Parrella Consulting, the premier education company for the Martial Arts Industry; The Martial Arts Business Accelerator, and others. Michael now teaches other entrepreneurs, franchises, and small business owners how to scale with modern marketing methods.


Episode 40 - May 10, 2018

Jim Abbott's Inspirational Life

Jim Abbott was born September 19, 1967, in Flint, Michigan without a right hand. He was an All-America hurler at Michigan; won the Sullivan Award in 1987; was the pitcher for the Gold Medal Olympic Team in 1988; and threw a 4-0 no-hitter for the New York Yankees versus Cleveland (September 4, 1993). Jim played for 10 seasons on 4 different teams and ended his big league playing career in 1999. Abbott has worked with The Department of Labor's Office of Disability Employment Policy (ODEP) on several initiatives encouraging businesses to hire people with disabilities. Today, in addition to often being a Guest Pitching Instructor during Spring Training for the Los Angeles Angels, Jim Abbott is a motivational speaker.


Episode 39 - April 24, 2018

Staying Safe on the Internet with Jason Cohen

There are so many people that don't know how to protect themselves on the Internet, so I had Jason Cohen, CIO of DAS, join me to discuss how you can enjoy all of the tools that the Internet has to offer while staying safe.



Episode 38 - April 24, 2018

Getting a Good Night's Sleep with Dr. Michael Breus

Michael J. Breus, Ph.D., is a Clinical Psychologist and both a Diplomate of the American Board of Sleep Medicine and a Fellow of The American Academy of Sleep Medicine. He was one of the youngest people to have passed the Board at age 31 and, with a specialty in Sleep Disorders, is one of only 168 psychologists in the world with his credentials and distinction. Dr. Breus is on the clinical advisory board of The Dr. Oz Show and appears regularly on the show (39 times in 8 seasons).


Episode 37 - April 24, 2018

Radio Personality Anita Marks

Anita Marks is a radio personality, football sideline reporter, and former women's professional football player. Anita worked on the New York Giants broadcast team: hosting shows on the MSG Network, WWOR-TV My9, and Verizon Fios, as well as the pre- & postgame on WFAN Sports Radio in New York. She also hosted shows on SiriusXM and NBC Sports Radio and was a fantasy football analyst for Bloomberg Sports. She is now an update anchor and fill-in talk show host for ESPN New York.



Episode 36 - April 24, 2018

Louis M. Maione, President of SportsGrid, EVP of Anthem Sports & Entertainment

Louis M. Maione is President of SportsGrid and EVP of Anthem Sports & Entertainment. Mr. Maione also is a partner in Rock & Reilly's FNTSY ROOF DECK restaurant and studio in NYC. Former Partner at the investment firm Macal Capital. Mr. Maione held executive positions at some of the top financial investment firms in NYC, including Deutsche Bank as the Head Stub Equity Trader for the High Yield Bond Group. He also served as the Head of Equity Trading at Linnfield Capital and was Risk Manager at Credit Suisse Asset Management (CSAM) in the Leveraged Loan Trading Group.


Episode 35 - April 10, 2018

John Wallace, Retired Professional Basketball Player

John Wallace is a retired professional basketball player. The 6'8 forward played seven seasons in the National Basketball Association (NBA), in addition to stints in Greece and Italy after playing collegiately at Syracuse University.


Episode 34 - April 20, 2018

Mitchell Modell, CEO, Modell's Sporting Goods

Mitchell Modell was born in a stockroom. Or so they say. He is the Chief Executive Officer of Modell’s Sporting Goods. Founded in 1889 by Mitchell’s great grandfather, Morris A. Modell, Modell’s Sporting Goods is America’s oldest and largest family-owned and operated sporting goods company. The company is headquartered in Manhattan and has over 4,000 associates and 155 stores throughout New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C.

Episode 33 - April 4, 2018

Combatting the Opioid Epidemic with Rick Van Warner

Rick Van Warner joins the show to discuss his new book, On Pins & Needles: The Relentless Fight to Save My Son's Life. -- When Rick Van Warner found himself searching abandoned buildings and dangerous streets looking for his missing son, he had no idea that the synthetic, pill-form heroin that had snared his teen was already killing so many. In the years of pain and heartache that followed as he tried to save his son from opioid addiction, Van Warner discovered what the American public is just now becoming aware of: opioids prescribed for even minor pain relief are so addictive that even a few days of use can create dependency. On Pills and Needles is a memoir that also serves as a wake-up call and crash course in opioid addiction. Through his harrowing personal story, Van Warner exposes the common causes of opioid addiction, effective and ineffective ways it has been treated, and how families can walk alongside loved ones who are dealing with the daily realities of addiction.


Episode 32 - March 26, 2018

Soulsystem Orchestra's Rob Affuso, Former Drummer of Skid Row

Former Skid Row drummer and founder of Soulsystem Orchestras joins Brandon Steiner to discuss his career.

Episode 31 - March 23, 2018

War Hero Megan Leavey

Megan Leavey is a US Marine corporal veteran who served as a Military Police K9 handler. She grew up in Valley Cottage, New York. Leavey enlisted in the Marines in 2003 and was stationed at Camp Pendleton, California, where she was paired with military working dog Rex (E168). The pair served two deployments in Iraq together. They were first deployed to Fallujah in 2005, and then to Ramadi in 2006, where they were both wounded by an improvised explosive device. Leavey was awarded the Purple Heart and the Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal with a "V" device for heroism in combat. Leavey first sought to adopt Rex after the 2006 bomb blast. Later, when Rex developed facial palsy that ended his bomb-sniffing duties, Leavey petitioned the Marine Corps for his adoption. They were reunited in April 2012 through the intervention of Senator Chuck Schumer. Rex died on December 22, 2012. Leavey and Rex became the subject of the 2017 biographical film Megan Leavey. Leavey had a cameo appearance in the film as "Female Drill Instructor #3."


Episode 30 - March 15, 2018

Pitching Guru Rick Peterson

Former MLB pitching coach Rick Peterson joins the show to discuss his new book, "Crunch Time: How to Be Your Best When It Matters Most" and give tips on pitching that apply to everyday life.


Episode 29 - March 14, 2018

Former MLB Manager Bobby Valentine

A former MLB player, manager, broadcaster and current Athletic Director at Sacred Heart University, Bobby Valentine joins the show to discuss his time in baseball and his various entrepreneurial ventures.


Episode 28 - March 14, 2018

Sports Marketing Guru David Meltzer

In his early 20s, David Meltzer quickly rose to the top of his game in the business world, becoming a millionaire. David lectured around the globe and saw rapid success in every business project he touched. But something was missing, and in his 30s as a multimillionaire, he went on a rapid downward spiral that ended in bankruptcy. It was only then that David realized, in order to revive and thrive, he needed to codify what had made him successful in the first place. He has since emerged to realize even more rewarding heights of success in business and life. David Meltzer has created a platform that uses four overarching principles—gratitude, empathy, accountability, and effective communication—and these principles have allowed him to communicate and mentor everyone from college students to c-suite executives. These four principles in everyday practice allow David to live by his mission to “make a lot of money, help a lot of people, and have a lot of fun.”



Episode 27 - March 13, 2018

Transforming a Business with Bar Rescue's Jon Taffer

Jon Taffer is a highly-reputed Entertainer, Entrepreneur, Consultant, and Thought Leader with more than 35 years of success in the entertainment, hospitality, and nightlife industries. Leveraging extensive global experience with powerhouse brands and award-winning ventures, Jon is a valuable asset for companies seeking guidance on transformation, training programs, and “reaction management strategy.” His broad areas of expertise include product and brand recognition, merchandising promotions, customer acquisition, product marketing, go-to-market strategy, television, and public speaking. Starring as the host and Executive Producer of Bar Rescue on Paramount Network, currently in its sixth season, Jon has led the show to account for nearly 30% of the networks total programming minutes, bringing in over $40M national advertising dollars in 2016 alone.


Episode 26 - February 22, 2018

Mastering Sales with Steve Nudelberg

Steve Nudelberg is a serial salesman & entrepreneur. As a product of his entrepreneurial spirit, he developed On the Ball - a company that focuses exclusively on sales & business development. Inspiration for the company name was derived from the feedback Steve received from business associates, claiming that he was always "on the ball."


Episode 25 - February 21, 2018

Staying Motivated for Life through the Context of Sports

New York Times bestselling author Joe Sweeney chats about his new book, "After Further Review: How Reflection and Action Will Turn Your Somedays Into Today."


Episode 24 - February 8, 2018

Breaking Into Venture Capital as a Teenager with Aaron Easaw

Aaron is General Partner at ACE Venture Capital, a VC firm dedicated to supporting and investing in entrepreneurs under the age of 30. Industry agnostic and anywhere in the world, we will fund passionate young entrepreneurs.


Episode 23 - February 1, 2018

Pacing Your Way to Physical Fitness and Mental Success with Dana Cavalea

I brought back my fitness guru, Dana Cavalea, former Strength & Conditioning Coach of the New York Yankees, to chat about pace and the importance of consistency in order to maintain peak physical and mental condition. We also talked about his new venture, Forever Fit, a new service delivering exercise therapy to you in the comfort of your own home.


Episode 22 - February 1, 2018

A Global Cultural Phenomenon with 433 & BALR. Co-Founder Juul Manders

Juul Manders has an interesting story. This entrepreneur from Amsterdam is a co-founder of the largest Instagram sports influencer in the world, 433, and has set out a new venture that is talking popular culture by storm--luxury lifestyle brand BALR.


Episode 21 - January 29, 2018

Finding Your Why and Putting in the Work with NBA All-Star Mark Eaton

7'4" former NBA All-Star turned motivational speaker Mark Eaton joins discusses his unlikely journey to the NBA and his new book, The Four Commitments of a Winning Team.



Episode 20 - January 25, 2018

Empowering farmers and florists to thrive with The Bouqs Company CEO John Tabis

Founder & CEO of The Bouqs Company, John Tabis, joins Brandon Steiner to discuss his entrepreneurial journey, from his experience as a marketing consultant, to launching his business, appearing on ABC's Shark Tank, gaining an investment from Robert Herjavec after initially being turned down, securing over $40 million in investments and selling tens of millions of flowers all over the world.


Episode 19 - January 23, 2018

The Sopranos, Growing up in Brooklyn and writing books with Steve Schirripa

You know him from The Sopranos--renowned actor Steve Schirripa joins me to talk about his Brooklyn days, coming up as an actor and his Italian Specialties company.


Episode 18 - December 21, 2017

Starting a Business with Night Grind Apparel

Former Syracuse Basketball player DaJuan Coleman and Ethan Kimmel join me to talk about the brand they are creating--Night Grind, a clothing and apparel company focused on providing the most comfortable and stylish gear for athletes, students, entrepreneurs and anyone that loves to GRIND IT OUT.


Episode 17 - December 20, 2017

Sports Marketer Rob Thompson and Solexchange founder Joe Diorio

I chat with sports marketing executive Rob Thompson and the founder of @solexchangeshow Joe Diorio.


Episode 16 - December 16, 2017

Social Media Stardom in the Fitness Industry with Paige Hathaway

On this episode of Project X, Brandon Steiner is joined by fitness guru and social media influencer Paige Hathaway to discuss her rise to fame, fitness philosophies, workout regimens and social media growth tactics.


Episode 15 - December 13, 2017

Becoming an Entrepreneur with Allan Maman, Co-Founder, Fidget360

On this episode of Project X, Brandon Steiner speaks with serial entrepreneur Allan Maman, a 17 year old serial entrepreneur. He is has been dubbed one of the reasons why fidget spinners became viral through his guerrilla tactics in running his social media/company. He founded the #1 brand and company behind the Fidget spinners known as Fidget360. This was all started with his High School’s 3d printer and he now has factories in China and Brooklyn that mass produce for him. He has generated hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales along with being featured in CNBC, Forbes, Time, Teen Vogue, Mic, Inc and many more.


Episode 14 - November 29, 2017

Ask Me Anything

On this episode of Project X, Brandon Steiner takes a ton of audience questions and speaks with one aspiring entrepreneur in the board game industry, as well as a family of entrepreneurs.


Episode 13 - November 15, 2017

The State of Entrepreneurship with Jason Feifer

On this episode of Project X, Brandon Steiner speaks with Entrepreneur Magazine Editor-In-Chief Jason Feifer about the state of entrepreneurship.


Episode 12 - November 15, 2017

Starting a Company with the Founders of PINNZ Originals

On this Episode of Project X, Brandon Steiner speaks with the Founders of PINNZ Originals (www.pinnz.com), a new shoe company being released in 2018.


Episode 11 - November 14, 2017

Building a Career + Combatting the Opioid Epidemic with Joe Plumeri

On this Episode of Project X, Brandon Steiner speaks with former CEO of Citi, Joe Plumeri and author of The Power of Being Yourself. He is an amazing businessman and is also set on the mission to combat the opioid epidemic amongst the youth of the country. 

Customer Service

Episode 10 - November 13, 2017

Customer Service Success with Shep Hyken

On this Episode of Project X, Brandon Steiner speaks with Shep Hyken, customer service and experience expert, keynote speaker and NYT bestselling author, who helps companies deliver AMAZING customer service experiences!


Episode 9 - November 9, 2017

Amplifying Brand Messaging with Swish Goswami

On this Episode of Project X, Brandon Steiner speaks with Manu "Swish" Goswami, a LinkedIn Expert and renowned speaker, about amplifying brand messaging.


Episode 8 - November 1, 2017

Mastering Sales and the Art of the Gift with John Ruhlin, Author, Giftology

On this Episode of Project X, Brandon Steiner talks about mastering sales and understanding the art of the gift with John Ruhlin, author of Giftology and the greatest salesman in the 68-year history of Cutco.


Episode 7 - October 30, 2017

Audience Q&A About Entrepreneurship

On this Episode of Project X, Brandon Steiner takes audience questions and fields calls from three entrepreneurs.

Public Relations

Episode 6 - October 24, 2017

Peter Shankman, Faster Than Normal ADHD Book & Marc Grossfield

On this Episode of Project X, Brandon Steiner speaks with world renowned author and PR and marketing expert Peter Shankman. Peter has released a new book called Faster Than Normal: Turbocharge Your Focus, Productivity, and Success with the Secrets of the ADHD Brain, which is already a bestseller. Brandon is also joined by Marc Grossfield, the founder of Aviv 613 Vodka, who has an entrepreneurial story to tell.


Episode 5 - October 18, 2017

New Sports Business Ideas from Fordham University Students

Brandon Steiner speaks with communications students from Fordham University who won a contest to showcase a revolutionary sports business idea.


Episode 3 - October 17, 2017

Finding Clarity as You Build Your Business

Brandon Steiner speaks with Jim Kaplan, founder of Chasella, a results oriented private equity and early stage investment firm that is predicated on value-creation through entrepreneurship, innovation, and trust. Steiner and Kaplan discuss finding clarity as you build your business. They also take a call from the founder of a mobile app to assist with some marketing challenges.


Episode 3 - October 17, 2017

Crafting Your Story as an Entrepreneur, Featuring Tall Order Socks

On this episode of Project X, Brandon Steiner talks about crafting your story as an entrepreneur with in-studio guests Dan and Mike Friedman, co-founders of TallOrder and two entrepreneurs with an inspiring story.


Episode 2 - October 12, 2017

Connor Blakley, CEO YouthLogic, & Sachet Gagwani, CEO Patron Technologies

On this episode of Project X, Brandon Steiner explores the mindset of Generation Z entrepreneurs with Connor Blakey, CEO of YouthLogic and Sachet Gagwani, CEO of Patron Technologies, the company that created the Covert.ly App.


Episode 1 - October 6, 2017

Starting and Marketing a Business

Episode 001 of Project X features Brandon Steiner answering questions from entrepreneurs about starting and marketing a business.

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