Need Winning Strategies? You Need Brandon Steiner.

Brandon Steiner has been an entrepreneur and salesman for over 50 years. From turning his paper route into a certifiable business, to changing the face of memorabilia, he's spent almost his entire life building businesses and becoming an expert in marketing and branding. With an unparalleled understanding of strategy and growing companies to massive success, he is educating the next generation of entrepreneurs. Brandon is the foremost authority on staying competitive, exceeding your customers; expectations, nailing your marketing and branding, and many other topics guaranteed to increase sales and initiative and get your audience inspired and activated. 

Topics Include:

Proven Sales Techniques & Value Proposition 

How to differentiate yourself from your competitors by asking, “What else?”

 Using anecdotal evidence from formative childhood experiences, all the way through his time developing his business and brand, Brandon will break down proven methods to up-sell, effectively close deals, and garner valuable business relationships. From establishing himself as the foremost paperboy in Brooklyn at the age of 10, to monetizing dirt, Brandon will share valuable business acumen acquired through a lifetime of dedication to sales and customer service. 

  • Stop selling and & start solving
  • Figure out what your customer truly needs
  • Your first idea is not always your best idea 
  • How to effectively & efficiently upsell 
  • Change perception by looking at what else you can do to build a stronger relationship & increase your value.

Networking on the Highest Level & Influencing the Influencers

Getting your foot in the door, retaining relationships, & getting the decision maker to say “YES!”

Communicating how to best acquire and maintain those career defining professional relationships. Brandon will explain how he has signed some of the biggest names in sports throughout his career, and how he goes about preserving the integrity of those relationships. Understanding that it is not about curating friendship, it’s about establishing mutual respect. 

  • The fortune is in the follow up
  • Understanding the bottom line of a negotiation
  • How to have the upper hand
  • Utilizing value proposition to establish mutually beneficial relationships 

Being the Underdog & Adapting to Change

How to stay current while maintaining a competitive edge

Brandon explains why he is never satisfied, and how this mindset can propel you into the professional stratosphere. Here Brandon will define the “underdog mindset” and how it can be one of the best tools at your disposal. Understanding that success can be a deterrent, and how to make sure success isn’t holding you back. Here he will also communicate how important it is to anticipate changes within your market, and how to properly adapt to a modern landscape that is constantly shifting.

  • Don’t let others expectations define your capabilities 
  • Defining the spectator vs the underdog who’s always climbing
  • The underdog has everything to win whereas the winner has everything to lose
  • What will you do to maintain your success through change

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My first impression was a little skeptical. How can someone make money from dirt?. Brandon Steiner’s TED Talk was inspiring, informative and intriguing to say the least. The man who played Michael Jordan 1v1 with no previous basketball experience...who in the right mind does that!? Brendon left a powerful lasting impression.

Joseph Attia, Curator, TEDxBrooklynTechHS 2018

Brandon is a masterful storyteller. Most importantly, he’s the real deal. He shares his life lessons in ways that not only inspire you, but really make you pause and think.

Dale S. Bornstein CEO, M Booth

I was impressed with Brandon’s ability to relate to a diverse audience of students, entrepreneurs and service providers. I would recommend him for any group or company looking to reimagine and transform their approach to business.

Zach Shulman, Director, Entrepreneurship at Cornell

Your keynote knocked it out of the park at the Live Nation annual sales meeting. Your messages inspired our organization.

Thomas See, Chief Operating Officer - Concerts, Live Nation Entertainment

Brandon is a rare treasure and truly one of a kind. He is motivating, inspiring, and engaging.  He is intriguing, while entertaining at the same time.

Fran Boller, Director of Apparel, Brand Jordan at Nike

Brandon motivates like no other speaker we have had at our company.

Randy Garn, Founder, Prosper, Inc.

"Humble, engaging, inspiring and candid. What more could we ask?"

Glenda Amar, Chapter Administrator, Entrepreneurs' Organization-Minnesota

Brandon has a thought provoking ability to impart wisdom about business, leadership and life through story and humor. He not only grabs your mind…he grabs your heart!

Gerry Matalon, Senior Coordinating Producer, On-Air Talent, ESPN

The passion for not only sales but life, comes through brilliantly and left our team wanting more.

Tory Tutt, Director of Sales, New York Yankees

Brandon shared truly great lessons about the importance of a dedication to quality service, commitment to excellence, and importance of pursuing your passion.

Mark M. Besca, Chairman of the Board, Pace University

I would highly recommend Mr. Brandon Steiner to speak on sales skills to any audience hoping to enhance the level of their sales force.

Kurt Shallow, Vice President, Guardian Life Insurance Company of America

Every student that attended the event came away inspired and empowered to be all they can be.

Aaron Jones, Annual Monroe College Sports Summit Organizer

He tried to inspire, more than lecture. He acted like a friend who had something to teach us, rather than a teacher trying to be our friend.

Morris Goldfarb, Chairman and CEO, G-III Apparel Group

Brandon’s perspective on life, business, relationships, and core values hits the “bullseye”. Whether you are Wall Street or Main Street, Brandon relates through his genuine and insightful commentary.

Robert D. Sandsone, Executive Vice President, Fedway Associates, Inc.

I am confident that Mr. Steiner’s charismatic performance will be repeated, time and time again, as he is called on to address numerous other organizations. He is clearly at the top of his game.

Errol Schneer, Vice President, Planning, Marketing & Public Relations, Bronx Lebanon Hospital

It was a wonderful session and my only regret is that we didn’t have another two hours to continue the discussion.

David J. Ferry, Senior Vice President, Capital Group

Your words of experience, inspiration and striving to provide the exceptional customer experience to your customer truly hit home with the team.

Tom Urtz, Vice President of Human Resources and Community Affairs, ShopRite Supermarkets, Inc.

I am not exaggerating when I say that you were an enormous hit and the highlight of our three-day conference.

Howard Becker, Vice President, The Business Council of New York State

Perhaps no speaker has generated a more enthusiastic response with more universally positive praise from the group than Brandon Steiner

David Shiroff, President & CEO, Metro Mattress

What impressed us most when selecting Brandon is that he ‘walks the talk’ each day. He is an active and successful businessman with a relevant message he is willing to share.

Susan Mosedale, Executive Vice President, International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA)

You set the absolute perfect tone resulting in an excellent business experience for the participants.

Dr. Marsha Gordon, President/CEO, The Business Council of Westchester

Brandon is on the top of the shortlist. I cannot overindulge in accolades. Brandon is magnificent!

Patrick J. Socci, Dean of the Frank G. Zarb School of Business, Hofstra University

A skilled orator, facilitator and master communicator, Brandon Steiner is a valued member of the Syracuse University Women’s Basketball Team.

Cedric L. Solice, Assistant Coach, Director of Program Management & Development, Syracuse University Women’s Basketball

Brandon Steiner is a thought leader who has forever changed the landscape of how we see sports memorabilia, athletes and collectibles. His incredibly unique approach sets Steiner Sports apart from any organization I have ever seen.

Ron Rubin, CEO, RFG Companies, LLC

Your guests will be entertained, engaged, and will leave thinking differently about their approach to marketing.

Brett Yormark, CEO, Brooklyn Nets

Brandon has been the epitome of the American Dream and he has been equally as generous in sharing his experiences.

Dave Torromeo, Executive Director, Sport Business Management Program, Manhattanville College

Listening to you tell the story of how you got to where you are today sent the message of the importance of never giving up on what you want in life.

John F. Pellegrino, President, Stamford Board of Realtors

His points, stories, humor and authenticity resonated with our audience and he drew rave reviews. Score!

Dave Kurlan, CEO, Objective Management Group, Inc.

Mr. Steiner's speech to our student athletes and staff was phenomenal! I'm extremely thankful Mr. Steiner spent time with our entire program

Rob Murphy, Head Coach, Eastern Michigan Universtiy Men's Basketball

Brandon’s talk was relevant, real and relatable. His talk challenged our Advisors to think deeply about their purpose and passion.

Bradd Somma, Managing Partner, MassMutual Greater Long Island

The executives and business owners walked out of the room on fire!

Terri Alessi-Miceli, President, HIA-LI

Brandon Steiner's keynote talk and overall presence transformed our event, captivating attendees from beginning to end.

Dylan Gambardella, Co-Founder, Next Gen Summit

"The leadership lessons we learned we will be able to implement due to the simplicity and depth of teaching you gave us. Your wisdom coupled with your humor was insightful and entertaining."

Dianna Kokoszka, CEO of KW Maps Coaching

I would like to Brandon for an invigorating and eye opening evening for our young adults. Brandon definitely has a PhD in street smarts, majoring in relentless drive and resiliency.

Dr. Donald L. Crooks, Chair, Nicolais School of Business, Wagner College

Mr. Steiner is truly inspirational and showed our students that if you work hard and differentiate yourself from others, you will find ways to succeed.  It really hit home for me how special he is when the presentation was over and he hung around for an additional hour offering advice to the students who stuck around to talk to him.  Other speakers are out the door faster than the students, but Mr. Steiner is truly a man of the people.  I would encourage anyone to read his books, listen to his podcasts, or head over to the Steiner warehouse and have a conversation with him.  It will be well worth it.

John Bertollo, Vice Principal, James Caldwell High School

We would like to express our gratitude and appreciation for coming out and delivering such insightful and motivational words. Every attendee thoroughly enjoyed what you had to say and we will all definitely be remembering our first 90 seconds in the morning.

Shmully Levitin, Chabad Young Professionals of Hoboken & Jersey City

For our annual management meeting this past January, we worked with Brandon Steiner and Steiner Sports to have legendary “The Hit Man” Don Mattingly join us as a guest speaker. We could not have been happier with the experience. Brandon did such an incredible job moderating the discussion and driving the Q&A. But what was most impressive was the way he seamlessly tied Don’s stories and experiences to our own business – taking Don’s wisdom and approach to life and aligning them directly to our company and what we do. Brandon is a natural and made the entire event a memorable one for all who participated.

Michelle Abbey, President & CEO, TMP Worldwide

Brandon provided great content, which added wonderful depth to the conversation, and allowed the audience to not only better understand opportunities available to them, but also to better recognize the considerations that must be made before forming a business enterprise. 

Michael L. Fox, J.D., Assistant Professor, Mount Saint Mary College

Brandon is a wonderful and entertaining speaker with a lot of valuable life experience to share.

Deb Milone, Executive Director, Hudson Valley Gateway Chamber of Commerce

Thank you for coming to our school. It was amazing hearing about your keys to success.

Jake Bronson, President, Amity High School Sports Business Association