Doo Doo's What You Make of It

If someone is giving you crap, it doesn’t mean they’re giving you nothing. African elephants only digest 50% of what they eat. That means whatever crap they give is an integral part of the food chain around them. Other animals forage for the undigested food, any seeds it’s eaten are then planted and fertilized, which allows trees and plants to grow. Same thing goes for Hippos. Yeah they’re pooping in the water, (first thought, gross) but what do you think is feeding the fish!?

Same thing goes for your relationships, professional or personal. Sure, they might not be giving you anything but crap, but doo doo is what you make of it. Sometimes, you need to dig around in it a little bit to feed yourself, or plant the seeds of your next venture.

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Song of the Day: "Roses" by OutKast

Quote of the Day: “Things turn out best for the people who make the best of the way things turn out”  

-Art Linkletter

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  • Totally agree Brandon, in all facets of life. I try and practice what I preach so the succeeding generation aka my young adult children learn without the spoken word which is never “heard” anyway. My daughter’s McDonald’s garbage from her car ends up in the kitchen garbage can. Mom takes out the surplus clean brown paper napkins to be used elsewhere, the food matter goes to the crows and critters outside, and the remaining paper matter might be earmarked for the burn barrel. They all think I’m nuts. Hopefully one day they get it.

    Lori Weiland on

  • Environmentally it makes sense. Everything has its place in time. Let’s do always with plastics that pollute our oceans and we’ll be ahead of the curve.

    Peter Scheibner on

  • Lol this is a great way to think about certain situations that may not be ideal for me! Everyday always gotta search the shit! Make something! Thanks.

    Blake Hamilton on

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