Doing Good vs. Doing Well

Most people are focused on doing well.

Back in 1984, I opened a Hard Rock Cafe as an assistant General Manager and ran the place every night.

It was an amazing experience. We had well over 200 people in line between 2:00 pm in the afternoon and 2:00 am at night every day.

One Saturday night, I went to the owner; Isaac Tigrett, and said "it's amazing how well we are doing. Tonight, we broke every sales record!"

His response caught me off-guard.

He said "Brandon, I'm worried. Can we take care of the customers the right way? I want to give all of them great food and having so many people in line concerns me. I want us to be significant for years to come, and not just successful now. I want you to go outside each night and thank everyone for waiting. Offer them soup when it's cold and iced tea when it's hot."

So several times a night, I would go out to the line and serve them iced tea or soup. Some nights it snowed, and some nights it was 95 degrees outside.

Honestly, I wasn't too happy about this at first.

But then, the extra service I provided began to pay off. I started to meet so many people: celebrities, athletes, and more. Just by going outside, I met tons of people and built an amazing database of contacts.

You see, most people are thinking about how to make more money. Some people think "Once I get this promotion, I'll spend more time with my family and get more rest. Maybe then, I'll have a catch with my son."

If you think this way, you're doing it wrong!

Doing good will always lead you to doing well.

NOT the other way around.

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