Goals are a Distraction

Most of us are just ordinary people. 
Most of us are striving for success and working hard to hit our goals, but the truth is...
"Goals are just a distraction"
-Nick Saban
And I agree with him. 
Goal focus takes away from the big picture, what's important, and many times gets you to play small. I guess just trying to be successful is...success. Truth is, many of us are successful, which makes success pretty ordinary when you stop to think about it.
So, what is the difference between success and significance?
Why do people stop and settle for moderate success?
It's because people are afraid to make the sacrifices necessary to make themselves extraordinary. 
Truth is, most people don't have faith that it will work out for them, that if they go all in, 100% ++ that they will not see the benefit of this risk and hard work.
Most people simply don't have faith in themselves, or faith in God or a higher power! The question is, "is there a plan for you, is there more out there for you if you are willing to trust and have faith?" And yes, sometimes it means giving up some  control.  
Do you think Kobe Bryant, Oprah, Warren Buffet, Jay Z, or Bill Gates were focused on singular goals? If any of them were lazy would they have had the same results? Do you think they were significantly more talented than the ones that came along before them?
I doubt it.
Stop focusing on goals and simple successes, and make a plan to be the best at what you are doing. Understand the long process that is needed, and don't be afraid to stare down that mountain you must climb. Don't be afraid of what's waiting for you at the top, and do whatever it takes to get there.  
Who remembers the ordinary people? What is the legacy of someone who is content with their first success? It is the ones that win, and keep winning, that are the significant and extraordinary ones. The ones with endless energy, who focus on long term strategy, not goals. It is the ones that are confident in themselves and, again, have faith!
Do not be the person stuck with the mindset of "I am successful, therefore I am ok"...
So many of us are much much better than that.



Song of the Day: "Whatever it Takes" by Imagine Dragons

Quote of the Day: "Goals are just a distraction."

-Nick Saban

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