You have the time to keep up with your closest relationships!

People often say that relationships are important.

Not true.

Relationships are everything.

When you go to someone’s funeral, you never hear people talk about the size of the deceased person’s bank account or how big their house was.

You hear about the impact they made on the people around them.

Your life is measured by the quality of your relationships.

But truth is - it’s difficult to manage so many relationships on a daily basis.

So here’s a piece of advice: the next time you get on a plane or go on a long car ride, go through your contacts from A-Z and your sent messages from the past year and try your best to catch up with people. You'll be surprised by some of what pops up. 

As you get older, typically you accumulate more relationships. There's a big difference between having a contact, a like, or a connection and having a relationship. Don't be confused.

Don’t message someone only when you need something. Just say hi, ask them how they’re doing. It goes a long way.

A lot of you are probably thinking “this sounds great, but I don’t have the time. I'm too busy.” You do have the time. You have more time than you think.

You could be sitting waiting for a meeting, waiting for your plane or car to arrive, or while you're watching a game. Hell, you could simply get up a little earlier.

Do you want to be laying on your deathbed wondering what went wrong with a lot of your close relationships? One of the 5 things Business Insider says people regret on their deathbed is wishing they spent more time with their friends.

It’s more about the quality of your relationships, not the quantity. But if you have a good relationship going, why let it go? Just because “you don’t have the time”?

When you’re feeling fatigued keeping track of all your friends, learn how to take a rest. Press the pause button. It’s the least used button on your TV remote. Use it, but don’t quit on your friends. Take a break, and make the time when you’re ready to.

Relationships are hard to get. They’re harder to maintain. But think about what you hope people will one day say at your funeral.


Quote of the Day: "A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out." - Walter Winchell

Song of the Day: "Friends In Low Places" by Garth Brooks

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