To give or not to give - that is the question!

I was recently arguing with some friends about what it means to be benevolent.

I've always tried to do charity work because throughout most of my childhood I was charity work! I'm still trying to catch up and help the countless people and charities that helped me back then.

From what I've gathered, the mindset generally is that people plan to be benevolent after they become rich. People aim to become really successful, and then they give back.

People tend to postpone doing good with their wealth because it doesn’t show up on a profit-and-loss statement. Speaking as a businessperson, I admit that too many of us focus on line items, but it’s the stuff that falls below the line that makes the biggest impact.

This was a big realization I had after I sold the company. I had been so concerned with doing well that I didn’t do enough good. Now my focus is on doing as much good as I can, the by-product of which is usually me doing well.

The next time you’re planning your day, commuting to work, or enjoying lunch, pick out two people you know and think of something positive you can say or do for them. On top of making someone’s day better, I guarantee you’ll find yourself brimming with positive energy, thoughts, and emotions. Before long, you’ll be looking to do it every day.

(excerpt from Living On Purpose)

Helping people is not a burden. It's an opportunity that will hopefully lead you to sheer joy. I've been very grateful to have been able to help people. I don't know any religion that doesn't suggest some form of charity on a day-to-day basis. It's more than just sending a check once a year.

Why do so many people wait so long to donate towards the new hospital wing? Why so late? Why not make that commitment earlier on in your life?

If you're a kid, you may not have the freedom to do as much good for others yet, so that's understandable. Perhaps while they're young, they can learn how to give time towards charitable causes, make small donations, give some of their birthday gifts, or sell cookies. Teaching kids to give at an early age with the right intent is so important.

But if you're an adult, what's your excuse for not giving back?

If you do good, you'll do well. But here's my question: if you do good, does it not really count if you brag about it? 

Is doing good for the benefit of your image or your company's image still better than doing nothing at all? Cause-marketing is at an all-time high, with companies so frequently using profits to benefit their company's image. If you take credit for that and promote it, does it no longer count as doing good?

To give is great, but what's your intent? You don't have to be a millionaire to be a philanthropist.

What is the change you hope to contribute to in the world?

We are human beings, not human havings and not human doings. Think about what you can share, not what you have. You may run out of resources, but you'll never run out of resourcefulness.


Quote of the Day: "Be the change that you want to see in the world" - Mahatma Gandhi

Song of the Day: "We Are The World" by USA For Africa

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