Work Smarter Not Harder

When I was younger my mother would always tell me "If you use your head, you don’t have to use your feet.”

This resonated with me, especially since I was on my feet most of the time delivering newspapers. I eventually got to the point that I had so many routes that it was too tiring to go to all the houses myself.

I started to finally understand what my mother was telling me over the years, and that’s when I began to strategically manage my routes with my friends as the ones actually delivering the papers. I began to work smarter by spreading out the heavy load off my shoulders, to my “employees,” so then I had time to focus on expanding my business.

Being a hard worker doesn't make you an efficient worker.

You may put so much time on putting all your effort into one task that you forget about the other things you have to accomplish.

Instead of working hard, work smart. Plan out what you want to achieve and break it down in ways where you can get it done quickly and efficiently.

If you just work hard you can miss the big picture, but if you work smart you can see the big picture before actually doing anything.

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  • This is simply delegation. Thank you!

    Adekunle on

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