The Most Powerful Word is the F Word

What the FOCUS are you talking about?

So many people are trying to do so many things with their careers.

If you're one of those people, STOP IT! Focus. You're all over the place.

Do yourself a favor, and be great at one thing.

Think of some of the most exceptional brands: Apple, Heinz, Uber, Kleenex, the Yankees. What are they known for? One thing.

In order to become great at something, you have to dream big and come up with an agreement and understanding of what it takes for you to be great.

You have to be educated in your field. Have you done everything there is to learn about the most influential and best leaders in your field? Have you watched every video and read every article about them?

For example, if you want to be great in business, have you watched/read every Warren Buffett, Oprah Winfrey, Steve Jobs, and Jay-Z interview? Have you found out how they built their empires?

I was speaking to a class recently, and I asked a girl what she wanted to do. She said she wanted to produce Broadway shows. I asked her if she called every Broadway show producer and asked them about the process. She told me she called two, and one said they would meet with me. My thought was why stop at two?

Believe me - if there's a lot you wish to accomplish, it all starts with being great at one thing. You will have a lot of flexibility once someone views you as being great at something.

If you can zone in on one thing, it opens doors to be creative with a whole bunch of other things. If you're considering getting in on the next big thing, watch this great video of one of my coaches, Dana Cavalea, sharing advice he received from Alex Rodriguez about focus:

Remember, the next big thing may look enticing, but it may not be the right thing for you.

So rather than getting sucked up into something that doesn't make sense for you, keep focusing on being the best at your best thing.

Jon Gordon revealed 11 traits of the best of the best when he wrote Training Camp. Here they are:


It's not too late to be the best of the best.

Want to learn how to transform yourself into an expert at something? I strongly suggest you check out Brendon Burchard's The Millionaire Messenger. It's an easy soft cover book to read that will help you do more of what you're doing at a higher level and show you how to effectively monetize it.

That's right, you can not only be great at what you do, but you can also make a ton of money doing it.


Quote of the Day: "You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great" - Zig Ziglar (and you have to focus on one thing!)

Song of the Day: "Cherry Bomb" by John Mellencamp

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