Do You Give A Shit?

I once asked my motivational and spiritual guru Ken Blanchard about the keys to marriage.

"Brandon," he said, "you can find all kinds of things to argue and fight about in your marriage, or any relationship for that matter. You can go to therapy. You can take a break; whatever. Only one question really matters: do you want to make it work? Because if you do, then there is always a way to make it work with your spouse, your boss, your friend, or a family member. If you don't, you will always find a reason as to why things don't or won't work."

When I walk into a store or eat in a restaurant, I judge the employees based on one factor: "do they care?" Maybe the food arrives a little late at the restaurant. Maybe someone didn't follow up with me.

But do they care? Do they want to make it work?

My wife has always said that foreplay starts when you come home and unload the dishwasher.

Loyalty; however, is overrated. Instead, show me someone I have an understanding and agreement with.

When I think about my best relationships, I realized they aren't always the longest, but the ones I have the best understanding and agreement with. That is what leads to commitment.

I am looking at my staff at Steiner Sports these days, asking myself which employees I have the best understanding with. Do we have a mutual agreement, and are we committed to reaching our goals? To have a successful business relationship, you have to get your employees on the same page as you.

And if they aren't on the same page, we need to renegotiate our relationship.

Do they give a shit? That; to me, is the key to a lot of things.


Quote of the Day: "You can really change the world if you care enough" - Marian Wright Edelman

Song of the Day: "Never Gonna Let You Down" by Colbie Caillat

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  • Going to be honest, I haven’t felt that many of your employees have given a shit in quite a long time. The best ones are long gone unfortunately. Hopefully the new ones can step up to the plate, respect customers who are loyal to the company and find a way to make the company great again, pardon the pun.
    I’m thankful some are gone, but others, I definitely wish were still there. Enjoy your day!

    Mike Wernick on

  • I give a shit. Have a great one

    Jeff Juden on

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