What Irritates You?

Today, let's examine what bothers us the most. Here are a few things I find irritating:

  • When someone comes to work and they look like they just rolled out of bed.
  • Hey, high school is over, friend.
  • Kids in restaurants that don’t behave. I’m not talking about a kid who’s crying for a few minutes. I’m talking about an out-of-control kid that everyone has to turn around to see.
  • This is a sign of parents not having a grip on what parenting means, in my opinion.
  • The 15-20 minutes of previews and commercials we now have to sit through before the movie starts. Showing a few previews makes sense, but 10-12 previews and several commercials is offensive.
  • We’re already paying a lot of money just to see the movie.
  • Not being able to read the menu at 99% of the restaurants I go to (sometimes even with my reading glasses).
  • Note to restaurants: 70% of the wealth of this country rests with people 50 years old and above. Most of us can’t see as well as we used to; maybe it’s time to make sure the print on your menu is larger than a 5 pt font.
  • To that last point, I hate it when people call me “sir” or “mister” or otherwise act like I belong in Florida during the winter.
  • News flash: The life expectancy in this country is over 78 years. I’m not even beginning to feel old - save the “mister” and all that for those over 70 please.

What about you? I can’t be alone with this stuff - what sticks in your craw?


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  • You know what Irritates me. Nothing at all. I’m happy and healthy. Sometimes you have to step back and count your blessings.

    The Guy on

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