What I'd Like to See More of and Less of In Sports

As everybody was taking an all-star break this week, there was a break from any action in sports. We have had an exhausting spring with NBA and NHL postseasons and everything else going on.

I decided to take a break this week because I have no interest in watching the Home Run Derby and no interest in the All-Star Game. And in these last few days I had time to think about what I would like to have a little more of and a little less of in sports.

All-Star Games

For one, I think that all-star games in general have to be changed and in some cases eliminated.

I don’t see an NFL all-star game. The Pro Bowl…who cares?

But in the NBA let’s move to a one-on-one and a three-on-three contest instead of three-point shooting and the slam dunk contest. They’re boring, everything has been done already.

Why would one-on-one be interesting? Don’t you think watching Kevin Durant go up against LeBron James and seeing other marquee matchups in a sold-out arena would be compelling?

Let’s get the NBA and others to pony up some money for the one-on-one contest. I know these guys make a lot of money, but why not put $1 million on the line?

Start in the morning or start in the late afternoon. That would be fun.

Season Length

I’d like to see a shorter season in the NBA with more days off for the players and perhaps add to the playoffs in some way. In reality, I would just like to see playoffs the way they are, but I get that’s not practical. The bottom line is just that players are not getting enough days off.

In baseball, too, I’d like to see a longer playoff and a shorter season with more days off for the players.

…One thing I definitely don’t want to see is any more hot dog eating contests. Shame on ESPN for even televising something so disgusting, and frankly unsafe, as that!

League Codes of Conduct

I’d like to see more severe rules when NFL players get in trouble. I think we have hit a crossroads. There’s an effort to put a structure in place to discipline players, but the collective bargaining nature of the business hasn’t allowed for stiff enough penalties.

Guys are getting in all kinds of trouble and I don’t think they understand the value of the message they’re sending to kids. There should be more serious repercussions.

I’d like to see the teams get penalized more, too because we see there are a bunch of teams that have problems with their players. So obviously they’re part of a team; they’re part of a city. They should take responsibility and understand what comes with the money.

Quick Hits

More crazy uniforms.

Less celebrating. If you score a touchdown then yes, celebrate but just because you knock down a pass doesn’t mean you’re Deion Sanders.

Less pitching changes and less shifts in baseball. The shift strategy is bullshit and should not be allowed.

And, when the weather gets bad, call the game. Shut it down!


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