Take These Steps and You'll Change MLB Forever

With MLB All-Star Game festivities concluded and no baseball for the next few days, now it's time for what's become my annual look at the state of baseball:

John Sterling had a great idea about how you improve baseball on a recent Yankees broadcast. Tell the fans why.

Like when a player looks like he’s safe at second base, but they call him out, then the team at bat doesn’t challenge for replay. Why not put up on the scoreboard where a guy was tagged? Or, maybe he was out of the baseline? There are 40,000-50,000 people at every major league baseball game and only the few by home plate can see an umpire’s gestures to the official scorer. Even fewer know what they mean.

Why not on plays at home plate have an imaginary area behind the plate where a base runner can swipe his hand or foot to avoid injury? It’s ike the two bases at first base to avoid collisions in Little League and softball. It’s not like this concept doesn’t exist already.

Relief pitchers- after warming up in the bullpen do you really need to spend another 3-4 minutes warming up again? Let him throw two pitches and move on.

Realign the divisions to make it more interesting. In the AL East Toronto, Boston, Tampa, New York, Baltimore is a little boring to be honest with you. Combine the leagues and have four divisions that are strategically set up. I’d like to see the Yankees play the Mets 20 times, that would be interesting. The Phillies, Orioles…think about it, that would be great!. Everything is a train ride away. Truly Old School.

Playing 20-30 straight days, teams/players should automatically have a day off. Play scheduled day-night doubleheaders again so you can throw in that extra day. And, I already see some of the teams moving their getaway games to a 3 or 4pm start time instead of 1pm so people don’t have to miss a whole day of work or school.

I also think there should be a clock on the time a team can decide to challenge a play (i.e. the new replay rules). I think you should have 60 seconds…better yet, 30. Otherwise everybody’s going to the monitor anyway, regardless of whether they do challenge, and they’re wasting time. Play the game!

I also think they should get going with the netting already. Too many people are getting hurt. Bats, wild throws, etc. It’s just too dangerous. It should be from 1st to 3rd base all the way around. You see it in college baseball right now and it works.

Those are my thoughts. What would you change?


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  • raise the mound to 1968 levels of about 15 inches Get rid of the DH, he was not there at the beginning, Pitchers should learn to hit once again, makes strategy part of the game again Teach Major Leagers how to wear their pants and sox correctly,to the teams,bring back the original stirrup socks Intentional walk must always be done, a wild pitch can change the outcome of the game,as a catcher stepping back into his crouch and have pitcher throw a strike a lá Johnny Bench
    $5 Pitchcount, what the hell is that?you start the game, you finish the damn game. I dont give a damn if your arm falls off.You are getting paid hundreds of millions of dollars and you cant even go 5 innings!wtf? Baseball is a contact sport,it’s not ballet. If you gotta take out the catcher,2nd baseman, whoever,even your mom,you do it. Too many soft pussies in the game today and they lmao call them stars. The hell with these new rules. If in the course of a beanball feud a game breaks out, let the pitchers handle it….and make sure they BAT Put back the circles on the field used to hit fungoes ALL PLAYERS MUST BE ADEPT AT PEPPER GAMES. If you broke a fngernail,strained a hamstring slightly,your toe hurts,SUCK IT UP, YOU MOST DEFINITELY ARE PLAYING….BROKEN BONES MAYBE DEEMED AN EXCUSE BUT YOU CAN STILL BUNT WHICH REMINDS ME ,FAILURE TO KNOW HOW TO BUNT OR MOVE UP A RUNNER ARE GRONDS FOR NON PAID GAME SUSPENSION…SCREW THE PLAYERS ASSOCIATION. YOU GO ON STRIKE?1 year suspension Train new UMPIRES,THESE BELONG IN THE BUSH LEAGUE,BRING BACK THE BALOON PROTECTOR AND YES BATTERS A BALL AT THE LETTERS TO THE KNEECAP IS A STRIKE
    reuben febus on

  • Start a new season after the halfway mark of the baeball season,This would give slow starting teams to get into the post season. Trades would be earlier and benefit the traded players.Have a three game series of big league games at spring training fields. Charge a $10 surcharge on each ticket so the teams could afford smaller crowds and help pay for additional travel expenses.Give back to spring training fans. .

    Carl Veaux on

  • The All-Star game should not determine home field advantage for the World Series. It should be an exhibition game. The stats do not count for this game, just like spring training games do not. Why should one game that doesn’t count, decide home field for the WS? Home field advantage for the WS should be decided by either the best overall record or overall record of AL vs NL games during the regular season.

    Alexander Caran on

  • Why throw pitches on Intentional Walks. Just give the player the base. Speed up the game!

    AZipfel on

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