Most People Don't Have the Mental Stamina to Accomplish Their Dreams

When was the last time you met someone that didn’t encounter problems, challenges or adversity?


Obstacles and problems should not deter you from success. They are not the opposite of success. They are all part of success and winning.

Most people take it personally as if it’s a knock on them, but really it’s a boost.

There’s a whole bunch of stories of people that have lost arms, limbs and they just keep going.

Next time you encounter a struggle, will you keep going.

Mental stamina is really all about the cliché, “when the going gets tough, the tough get going.”


  • Excellent topic Brandon. While your comments extend beyond sports, I believe that athletes typically possess the mental stamina that you mention. I’ve studied Sports Psychology and take notice while watching sporting events who has the mental stamina (or toughness) to “stay in the game”.

    Debbie Dantes on

  • Thanks for sharing Brandon. Love the message and shared it with my team

    Bob germano on

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