Stop Majoring in Minor Things!

I was reading my good friend Coach Dana Cavalea's blog recently (which you all should familiarize yourself with if you want to lead a healthy lifestyle), and I came across one that was simply too good and too true not to share.

Dana was having a conversation with Jim Rohn, and it got me thinking about how a lot of people are trying to do a lot of things. It's good to stay productive, but you don't want to get stuck. You want to keep it simple. Usually, attaining a high level of success is based on just a few principles; like how Syracuse basketball is all about that zone; shake shack is all about the burger; and the Yankees are all about winning, etc.

Can you be more hyper-focused and narrow minded? That's the key.

Without further ado, here is Dana's blog...



This got me thinking...

(which is part of the problem)....

Keep it simple.

Everything you are looking to accomplish for yourself is usually based on a few concepts... 

We tend to make it much more complicated...

Let's breakdown a few things below!

Weight-Loss: Burn More Calories than you take in, or, take in less calories.. and burn more...sweat everyday.

Health: Cut sugar, increase water, more fruits/vegetables, lean proteins, low calories--> high nutrients

Positivity: Think more positive thoughts, Eliminate negative people and things from your life.

Happiness: Make the decision to be happy no matter what.. reframe negatives to positives.

Wealth: Spend less than you earn, save at least 10% of whatever you earn.

Work: Do what you love and tell everybody about it... share your passion and get paid to do it!

Relationships: Love people, Inspired People, Motivate People... don't spend time with people that do not add value to your life.. or allow you to add value to theirs..

These are the MAJOR things..

Keep it so simple you can not over-think it or screw it up!

Sometimes simple is boring...

The best players I have ever worked with were on "repeat" every single day... doing the simple things, savagely well every single day....

The consistency led to their greatness... but most importantly...

That consistent routine gave them security and increased self-belief...

Spend time on the things that are the real movers... 

The things that make a true difference!

Keep it simple. Keep it clean. Keep it clear.

Simple things. Simple routines. Major in Major things!



Quote of the Day: “I am focused on the work. I am constantly creating. I am a busy girl. I live and breathe my work. I love what I do. I believe in the message. There’s no stopping.” – Lady Gaga

Song of the Day: "Waitin' On A Sunny Day" by Bruce Springsteen 

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