The First Year of Anything is a Challenge

There is nothing better than the beginning of something.

When you first start dating someone, when you first start a job, when you first get married... there is no greater feeling. Nothing beats the first kiss, the first day of school, or the first baseball game you go to.

But there is a lot of pressure.

When you first start a job; for example, you typically don't know anyone. You don't know the good places to eat, and you don't know who the bosses are and what they're like. It's a scary feeling.

If you're watching someone going through this transition, you should realize there's no better time to meet them and lend a hand. A lot of times, people miss that opportunity in the beginning.

In the first year of marriage, you experience a lot of things: you're combining bank accounts, finding out where to live, learning the balance of nights you can go out on your own versus staying home, determining who's paying for what, and so on. It's challenging.

So, my question I pose to you is: what do you do to close the gap? How do you respond when you're adjusting to a big life change? Feel free to leave your best tips below!


Quote of the Day: "Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change" - Jim Rohn

Song of the Day: "Feels Like The First Time" by Foreigner

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