Pressure Is A Privilege

“Pressure is a privilege-it’s what you do with it that matters”
-Billie Jean King

A big mistake in life is viewing pressure as a negative thing. Like the great Billie Jean King said, it is a privilege.

It is important to recognize your weaknesses, but it’s also important to realize your potential. Pressure is designed to keep us on our toes, and to expect the unexpected. 

Don’t sell yourself short because you are capable of much more than you could ever comprehend. Pressure is there to keep us determined, driven and prepared.

There is always someone ready to take your place and pressure should be felt constantly, but don’t let it effect your preparation. 

The message I get from Queen's Under Pressure, is that varying degrees of pressure exist in all walks of life.

It’s the terror of knowing, what the world is about. Watching some good friends screaming 'Let me out'. Pray tomorrow, gets me higher, high. Pressure on the people.

There will always be pressure in our lives. You can either let it tear you down, or build you up.

There is no reason to feel pressure if you're confident in your ability and prepared
with a strategy that you believe in.

Now go feel the heat, and start a fire!

Quote of the Day: You don't understand, I could've had class. I could've been a contender. I could've been somebody."-Marlon Brando (On the Waterfront, 1954)

Song of the Day: I am, I said (Neil Diamond)


  • Great post! Agreed pressure is key to performance. Confidence and strategy are the clear X factors.

    Kevin Vitale on

  • Great post Brandon. Pressure defiantly hold most people down. Do you ever think that the system is designed that way on purpose i.e mortgage loans, auto loans, school loans, readily available credit cards and such?

    John Giacovelli on

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