Big Mistake...HUGE!

Let me start off by stating that gay blood, female blood, white blood, asian blood, jewish blood, black blood... 

We are all the same inside, all equally valuable.

You can't judge people based on the house they live in, their job title, or the money they do or do not have. 



This clip sums it up perfectly, a simple key to being a lot more successful is to stop judging

There is no such thing as a poor person, just a person who is dealing with some poor circumstances at the time. The truth is despite our wealth, or lack thereof, most of us are just plain ole' ordinary ....

Because most of us chose to focus on money, we can't see past our bank accounts. Because of this we have two options: accept that we, and everyone we know, are driven by finances, or decide not to accept that, and be different. 

Ask yourself, are you wiling to do something to make the world better, or help people that couldn't help themselves? Will the world be a better place because you're in it? That takes more than just money. It takes kindness, empathy, compassion. 



SIMPLY BY taking steps to be successful, by wanting to be successful, and by understanding the full vision on what success is. 

Having a lot of money? That's not necessarily success, no no no...

Sometimes success is just getting out of bed in the morning


Finally asking out that person you been wanting to ask out what seems like forever, going on your first date with them


Doing volunteer work on a weekend


Going to that first chemo session with the will to fight to live 

Sometimes it's helping an elderly person across the street, or helping a neighbor, who you know is sick, go to the market to get some essentials...

We all give way too much credit/attention to people with money, or people who look like they have money. The real goal is to not focus so much on being rich on paper, but being rich in real life.

That means helping as many people as you can, being kind to others, having gratitude and having faith. It means not keeping score on what you think you deserve or what you think you should get, but being grateful for what, and who, you have in your life.

These days that seems to be the real challenge for most people?

Money isn't as valuable as you think it is. It's overrated. 

The most valuable thing you can be is yourself.


Song of the Day: "Eventhough We Ain't Got Money" by Danny Jones

Quote of the Day: “What we appreciate appreciates!” - Lynn Twist

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