Perspective Is Everything

There was a man driving down a highway in a convertible and a lady driving down the opposite way in a convertible. As they pass each other, she yells out, “Pig!”

The guy screams out, “Bitch!”

The guy continues driving down the road hits a pig and dies.

Here he was thinking that this woman is yelling at him for no good reason and being negative towards him, but in reality she was really just giving him a warning to save him.

Sometimes you don’t always receive a message the way it is intended and you don’t act accordingly. And, that could lead to major issues.

Perspective is so important. When interacting with others, take the time to understand why they are saying what they are saying and why they are doing what they are doing. Things may seem perfectly logical and understandable if you give their perspective a chance.


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  • Really like this Brandon. I’ll use it on my next confidence session if that’s OK. Cheers, Mike

    Mike McClement on

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