Can You Parent Your Kids to Success?

Can You Parent Your Kids to Success?

All parents worry that their kids will be spoiled and feel entitled. How can we avoid this from happening?

Here’s a story:

A very famous married guy with a lot of passion for life is rich, has a big house, his wife is well educated and he has two great kids. But, his life hasn’t always been this way. He had very humble beginnings and had to work very hard to get to where he is now. As motivated as he and his wife seem to be, he doesn’t understand why his kids can’t be the same way.

How often do you hear a story about a really successful parent and having under-motivated kids? Isn’t that common? 

If you want to know why your kid doesn’t have the fire you do, it’s because of what you bring home to show them, or what you allow your kids to see up close and personal. So many kids don’t even know what their parents do and how their food gets to the table.

At the end of the day its okay for your kids to enjoy all the fancy things you’ve worked hard to attain, but in order for them to have similar success, they need to see what it takes to attain it. You, as their parent, are their role model. If you’re passionate, motivated and driven at work, you need to be the same way at home.

What do your kids see? Do they actually get to understand who you are? Whatever it is you want your kid to be, it doesn’t happen from afar.

There are several components to parenting: your child knowing the difference between right and wrong and then there is passion. Your kids don’t need to agree with what your passion is, but they need to see what having one looks like. I used to take my son and daughter everywhere to work…meetings, office, games, etc. There was nothing better than being able to let him in on my world and helping him understand what it took to be successful. 

I’m not sitting here tell you how to parent; there are a ton of ways to have a successful, happy kid. If you want them to be driven, just let them see your efforts first-hand.

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