Never Underestimate the 10-Year-Old Mindset

Everything is possible at the age of 10 because when you’re that age you get the most amount of coaches and tutors. Here’s my question: why does that stop?

So what if you’re 30 or 40 years old? Why not pick up a new instrument, play a new sport?

The 10-year-old mindset is such a powerful one because if you remember at that age you knew and felt that everything was ahead of you and anything was possible.

For some reason that window does shut because of other responsibilities and the decisions that you make. I say that the paint is not dry, the window is not closed. Take your hand off CTRL + ALT + DEL and maintain that enthusiasm; that mindset that you still have some naivety and think anything can happen.

Why not play something out to do something for your first time and take a first step in a new area? The #1 regret people have as they age is that they wish they had tried having more new experiences.

So here’s what you should do: take out two pieces of paper. Write down all the things you wished you had tried and/or experienced. On the other piece of paper write down what’s holding you back!

What’s on your piece of paper of things that you didn’t try? What would you regret not having experienced? Look at that list…then get to work!


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