Journey vs. Career

There’s a big difference between a journey and a career. It’s the difference between getting in the ocean on a speedboat or a sailboat on a slightly windy day. A career is more of a straight line, while in a journey there are no straight lines. On a journey, you go through a series of adjustments with ups and downs.

With a journey, you are making a life choice. Usually, a journey takes up everything you have, every bit of your existence to realize your success. This can be seen through doctors, lawyers, and professional athletes.

Deciding between a journey and career is an important decision to make. When you make a life choice, you have to be up for the risk and you have to have the mental stamina. Do you want work on your craft everyday? Compete? Improve?

That’s not to take away from a career choice, because there is a commitment there as well, but you have to decide what kind of life you want.

For example, if you are a D1 basketball player or varsity athlete, it is likely you made a life choice. Only a few athletes become professionals and the decision limits flexibility and time you have available to yourself in high school or college. You have to practice everyday, watch how you eat, and work out daily. 

On the other side of the spectrum, a career choice allows more flexibility with your day-to-day time. Maybe you sleep through class one day or you take the driving a bus route. You may not need to get better, just more consistent. There isn’t much pressure to getting to the next level. A career choice is valuable, just limited. 

Remember, there’s no shot clock when you pick the journey as a life choice.

Either choice will lead to something good if you make the commitment.


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