The Ultimate Entrepreneur

I believe there is a huge misunderstanding in society today about entrepreneurship. Most people think entrepreneurship is about coming up with a great business idea and making money. I’ve heard people say “let’s come up with an app and get rich quick.” It’s delusional.

Great entrepreneurs come in every shape, size, and form. This clip from Saving Private Ryan shows the true meaning of entrepreneurship:

There are four traits you need in order to become the ultimate entrepreneur:

  • Willingness to take risks.
  • An understanding of the market.
  • The ability to find “what’s missing.”
  • Leadership.

One of the all-time greatest entrepreneurs is Martin Luther King Jr. He believed in equal rights when no one else could see that vision. In order to be a successful entrepreneur, you have to believe in yourself and your principles enough to risk your life. Martin Luther King Jr. felt so strongly about his beliefs that he risked his life.

The whole point of being an entrepreneur is to be willing to give your all, even when no one else sees eye to eye.

My question for you is how strongly do you believe in what you’re fighting for? How fast can you get pushed off of your view? The answer to these two questions shows the difference between those who achieve greatness.


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