It's Never Too Early to Take Care of Your Child's Teeth

Everyone that knows someone who has a newborn gets them a gift, which consists of baby baskets, clothes toys, blankets, etc. But, as we get older, how many times do we say, “Man I wish I took better care of my teeth when I was younger!”

Too often in my opinion. 

So, is it a parents job or a kids job to stay on top of their dental hygiene? I say that when it comes to your child’s health, don’t leave anything up for chance. Get your child going to the dentist as early as possible.

I have a great book for you that will help you drive home the point to your kids when their young how important it is to brush their teeth and do everything else necessary to stay healthy, "Who Visits Me From A to Z: An Alphabetical Adventure To the Dentist" by my friend Joanne Roos. This book is appreciated by children and parents alike as going to the dentist when you are younger can be a worrisome experience. The book is perfect to give as a gift to a newborn and for parents to get information about the best ways to encourage their children to go to the dentist and take care of their teeth. Remember, it’s important for kids to start going to the dentist as early as their 1st birthday. 


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