How to Get Your Kids to See the Big Picture

“You have to put in many, many, many tiny efforts that nobody sees or appreciates before you achieve anything worthwhile.”
— Brian Tracy

From our young children, to college students, to our employees- how do we get our kids to see the big picture?

I have always thought that the difference between mental youth and older wisdom is fractional. There are always just a few key things that someone older and wiser will know better than a kid.

And, here they are:
1.   Nothing lasts forever.
2.   Partnerships are everything.
3.   Prepare!
4.   Use more experienced people as mentors. Pay attention to how they carved their path to success.
5.   Knowing that hard work is important.
But that hard work won’t always be enough. You must combine education, luck, preparation and commitment towards what you do every day.
6.   Your health is just as important to you now as it will be later in life.
7.   Maintain your integrity- the difference between right and wrong is everything.
8.   A hand-written note, a call to say, “Hello,” a face-to-face meeting, or having lunch with someone all beat the texting, Facebook messaging, Instagram-ing and e-mail!
9.   Most success doesn’t happen overnight. As a matter of fact, it usually takes 15-20 years to really make your mark. For Generation X it can take even longer with baby boomers having a longer life-span and working longer.
10. What goes around comes around- all the stuff we do as kids counts big-time. It has a major impact on you when you get older. Don’t discount your earlier year just for a little fun.

Some may think it’s scary or intimidating, but how great is it to be young and have so much unknown in front of you? Embrace it! The great ones embrace challenges and enjoy the process of working towards success in all aspects of life!


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  • Thank you. A great reminder of the things I’ve learned over the years and tried to emphasize with my child and the other young people in my life. Doesn’t seem to resonate for them though…will keep trying though, cuz it’s important stuff!

    Toni on

  • just fantastic… thank you for the share for not only my kids, but a good reminder to me!

    Chris McCauley on

  • nicely done! good education! i hope every one read it!

    lula on

  • nicely done! good education! i hope every one read it!

    lula on

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