I Know The Secret to Getting a Raise and Having Better Sex

I spoke with The Sleep Doctor; Dr. Michael Breus, on Monday about the importance of sleep in people’s lives. Getting inconsistent amounts of sleep can set you back from your work life to your sex life.

Breus told me that people fall into one of four sleeping preferences: early birds, in-betweens, night owls, and restless sleepers. Each preference requires different amounts of sleep in order to be at one’s best. By understanding these groups and discovering which group you fall into, you can apply your knowledge of sleeping patterns to all of the most important people in your life from your boss to your significant other.

For instance, if you wanted to ask your boss for a raise, wouldn’t you want to do it when you knew they were feeling their best?

Oh, and while we’re at it, would you be surprised if I told you that 74% of people have sex at the wrong time? Nearly three quarters of people have sex at 10:30 at night, and in most cases that doesn’t make for a healthy relationship.

What else do you think you could you be doing at the wrong time? Could you be more efficient by traveling to work before rush hour? Perhaps you could go grocery shopping a little later when less people are there.

Later this week, we’ll discuss the actual importance of sleep and just how much you may need.

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