It's Time to Perform Random Acts of Yes

I was thinking lately how there are so many things that I just say, "No" to. 

No, I don't eat brussel sprouts.

No, I don't speak at high schools.

No, I don't get down to the Steiner Sports warehouse and talk to the people packing the boxes and shipping stuff like I used to. 

No, I don't wear certain types of shoes. 

Maybe I am going to start going to a few museums. And, I am going to try some new music by adding someone else's Spotify playlist. Maybe I'll go with some hip-hop or old school jazz. 

I should take a random meeting from someone who has an idea just to help them even if it won't help me.

I want to donate some money to a charity I have zero connection to, but know that its a good cause. 

Everything seems so scheduled and it's rare that you get to do something like that. Sometimes you get stuck doing something for a long time just because that's the way it's been done, like a family making a pot roast in the same obscure way for generations.

I think that as I have gotten older I have been too calculated. Am I predictable? Boring?

The other day I took a walk around the block at lunch time. I've been working in New Rochelle, New York for 18 years and I have never done that!

I want to try something new. Maybe a new soup. Or, I've never had a cup of coffee! Maybe I should go with that? 

I should meet someone new. Certainly there has to be a neighbor or parent of one of my kids' friends that I can do business with, but just haven't met before?

Why does all of this stuff sound like the stuff we learned and then taught our kids? When does trying new things stop? Why?

I have to get to Happy Hour this Friday. 5 o' clock drinks--why not? Or, the midnight movie on a Saturday night. Or, even just a dive bar for a few drinks and watching the game on a 20 inch TV. 


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