Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

Life sometimes often works in strange ways. Often, things happen opposite from how you believe it should. At times, things that you may believe are positives, may result in negative outcomes.

Therefore, you MUST keep goal-oriented. You need to make sure you're on the right track! The further you stray from your goals and ambitions, the more miserable you will become. You need to have a clear vision, full of passion and excitement, and do whatever it takes to attain that goal. 

Don’t argue or complain about pain and challenges. Be eager to take them on, and be excite to learn from your experience. 

How many people are not happy in life, but are avoiding quitting their jobs or breaking up with their significant other because they're scared of being uncomfortable? 

I say, BRING IT ON! 

Comfort does not always bring you happiness, nor does it guarantee you ultimate success. But if you want to get stronger, wiser and ultimately become successful, get comfortable being uncomfortable!

People go to the gym for a plethora of reasons. However, simply put, cardio helps lose weight, and lifting weights grows muscle. I am hard-pressed to find anybody who truly enjoys running on a treadmill, or enjoys the pain of pushing heavy weights. However, people push through the pain because they are striving for the end results of a great workout.

Struggling is not a bad thing! Go above it. Strive for the results and ultimately, you will get you what or where you want. You must struggle to get stronger and to get better.

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