A College Education is a GAME CHANGER

With everything going on in our nation today, we must look at the BIG PICTURE. How can each of us help make the world a better place? If you're not sure how to participate, you can't go wrong with IMPROVING EDUCATION! 

For my birthday this year, I am donating to the United Negro College Fund (UNCF) to help increase education opportunities for African Americans in our community. Now, PLEASE HELP ME MAKE A DIFFERENCE BY DONATING RIGHT NOW! Below is the GoFundMe link to the 2020 HBCU Graduates Loan Forgiveness Granthttps://bit.ly/30KCwpP

Yesterday, I had the privilege of speaking with Warren Williams of UNCF to discuss the importance of investing in education. You can hear the passion in his voice as he discusses the importance of scholarships.

"UNCF believes that education is a human right" and we must invest in "our next generation of leaders and students."

He provided some stats that provide the impact UNCF has on our communities...Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU's) represent 3% of all colleges/universities in our country, 17% of all African American graduates, 24% of African American graduates with STEM degrees and $15 billion to our economy. There are 37 HBCUs, whose graduates account for over 134,000 jobs to local and regional economies. 

This is JUST THE BEGINNING! We MUST do our part RIGHT NOW by donating TODAY!


Click HERE to view our entire conversation.

Quote of the Day: "Everybody deserves an education...a college education is a game changer" - Warren Williams


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