Don’t Worry About the Fire, Worry About the Thing That Makes the Fire

Too often we take losses too hard and we jump to the conclusion that there is something wrong before considering a loss as an opportunity to learn that will make our next game, business pitch or sales call a success.
The next time you experience a loss, keep this in mind:
Think back on your team’s performance (and your own as an individual). Did you give 100% effort? If so, remember that great competition leads to bigger and better things regardless of a win or loss. Whether you are a player, a coach, a sales executive, a CEO…or even a parent negotiating bed time with your kids…you made progress that should make you proud. 
The most important thing to always keep in mind is perspective. I cannot even count the amount of people that walk up to me and ask, “How can I get what you have?” or, “How do I become successful?” My response to these people is always to focus on the wood that goes into the fire, not the fire itself.
So, as your preparing for your next game, meeting or even some time with your kids, ask yourself two questions. 1) What is your ultimate, big-picture goal? And, 2) What environment do you need around you to reach that level of “success?”
The people you surround yourself with and the type of environment you choose to operate in will be the two main determining factors in reaching your goals. Everyone wants the big fire. They want all the “wins” and everything that goes along with it. Money, championships, cars, family, happiness…not every “win” in life can be defined by something material, by the way.
Remember, focus on the wood for your fire—concentrate on the process instead of the result. If I need more wood, I want to grow more trees. If I want to grow more trees, I need the right land, water and sunlight for the best wood to burn. Work backwards!


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