Do You Still Watch the 11 O’Clock News?

The world has changed...a lot.

We just do not do things the same way anymore. Growing up for me was much different than how kids grow up today. I played football in the streets, delivered newspapers and would actually have to use a payphone if I needed to talk to someone. Imagine that!
I know I am not alone in this, but those of us who still do the everyday tasks the “old way” are few and far between.
I have a little game for you. I want you to read the list below and tell me how many of these things you still do:


1. Do you still watch the 11 o’clock news, as apposed to seeing it on Facebook?
2. Do you still carry quarters around (for let’s say a payphone)?
3. Do you shop in a mall, as apposed to on Amazon? Today we have seen a decline in retail shopping, due to the accessibility of apps on our phones where you can do all of your purchasing, are you apart of that decline?
4. What is your main source of music? Are you still listening to CD's or are you purchasing all of your songs on Itunes?
5. Do you still have a Blackberry, or even a flip phone? Are you still leaving voice messages for people, or will you just send them a quick text?
6. When you go out to eat, do you make a reservation ahead of time?
7. How often are you getting a local newspaper, if at all? Are you at least getting the Sunday paper? Is it delivered to you or are you picking it up at the corner store?
8. Are you still mailing your checks?
9. Driving down the highway are you using navigation or actual paper maps? Are you paying in cash at a toll booth, or in coins?
10. Do you even still have a T.V. in your house?
11. Are you checking in for your flight at the airport, or do you just do it on your phone?
12. Do you still buy magazines, or do you just prefer going online?
I guarantee most of you are not doing even half of these things anymore, and I cannot blame you. Life is becoming more efficient and convenient, but a part of me will always love how I used to get through the day growing up.
I always refer to one of my favorite story’s about about a family making their pot roast the same way for generations:
A guy goes to a dinner party. He introduces himself to the hostess, who’s in the kitchen, cooking a roast. He notices that before she puts it in the oven, she cuts off the ends of the roast, puts it in the pan, and puts the pan in the oven.

“Out of curiosity,” the man says, “Why’d you cut off the ends of the roast?”

“That’s the way my mother taught me,” she says.

It turns out her mother is at the party, so the man follows up with her.

“Why do you cut off the ends of the roast?” he asks.

“That’s the way my mother taught me,” she says.

Turns out the grandmother’s at the party, too. So the man goes up to her.

“That’s the way my mother taught me,” she says.

Amazingly, the very old great-grandmother is also at the party. So the man asks her.

“Why do you cut the ends off the roast?” he says.

“I had a very small roasting pan. I used to have to cut off the ends to make it fit in the pan.”

Just because it's the way you have always done it, doesn't mean it's the most efficient way to do it.
That is why I say you must adapt to the changes presented to you. Do not be afraid of embracing the new because it may be greater than you could ever imagine. And, never forget what it used to be like because change is what leads to better things.



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    Rachael Mildred on

  • Yes still watch the eleven o’clock news on tv. I use ezpass and actually prefer shopping online whenever possible as it saves me time and gas

    shelly on

  • OK Brandon, I’ll play:
    I still watch the 11:00 news, on a TV set. I get that channel from a local streaming service, having recently given up cable and satellite. I get the bulk of my news from radio (also streamed through my Amazon echo or in the car) or through a browser on my laptop. I subscribe to digital editions of the New York Times and the Washington Post. The Post includes a Sunday print edition delivered to my home. I didn’t know I could watch the news on Facebook.

    I don’t (intentionally) carry change, I like the mall but am rarely there, I’ve used a smartphone for the last decade and never leave or listen to voice mail. My smartphone transcribes them, and reading them is so much easier. I’ve always made restaurant reservations if I want a table. I haven’t “bought” music in years. I subscribe to Pandora, Prime music, Sirius XM, and NPR One. I not only don’t mail checks, I don’t even write them! Doing so would evoke nostalgic memories.

    I pay tolls with EZ Pass, haven’t seen a paper map in years (unless I’ve printed it from Google), and I fly Delta, so I don’t even check in anymore. Also with social media and microblogging, I’m moving away from blogs like this one.

    In case you are wondering, I’m 54.

    Dan on

  • Good article Brandon!

    Johny Arbrough on

  • Hi Brandon.
    I am Jim Beards friend from Hyatt. I was a GM with them. Anyway…thank you for your blogs. I enjoyed today’s about the pot roast. I got rid of my flip phone about six months ago. Probably the last one in the United States!! I still pay by check and use a stamp. I am not on face book as I don’t want to, I know who my friends are.
    I watched the World Series last night and went to bed after the 9th inning. I couldn’t help but to remember the Dodgers and Yankees during the afternoon. Duke Snider at the plate with Bedford ave so close.
    Keep sending,
    Shelly fox

    Shelley Fox on

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