8 Questions with Ramon Ray

Got introduced to a man with a powerful mind- a young entrepreneur by the name of Ramon Ray. Ramon's official "title" is "small business success evangelist." What does that translate to? He's a best-selling author that understands the tools/technology in the marketplace that can help make a significant impact on any business. He also launched Smart Hustle Magazine.

I had a chance to speak with Ramon recently. If you own a business, want to own a business, or just want to take ownership of your current job, I suggest you take the two minutes to read.



Brandon Steiner: Define hustle.

Ramon Ray: Not stopping, always moving, being SMART!

BS: What are the top two things someone will get out of reading Smart Hustle Magazine.

RR: Inspiration - stories of entrepreneurs and tips and advice for growing their own hustle.

BS: Social media is powerful and your most recent book, The Facebook Guide to Small Business Marketing, is an Amazon best-seller. Why did you write this book?

RR: The real reason is that Wiley asked me to? But if you mean like, "I wrote it so people could use Facebook better..." then that's a cool answer too! But overall, even though a bit dated, the book is a beginner's guide to using Facebook. 

BS: Where did you find your passion for small business?

RR: Not so sure - I've started a few businesses - but not sure where that thirst came from.....I think some people have it and some don't.

BS: You spoke with President Barack Obama during his first live Google Hangout. What was that like?

RR: Nervous and an honor - heck he's the PRESIDENT - pretty cool feeling and more special that out of 300,000 people - I was selected.

BS: Who are your mentors?

RR: In business - my mentors (from a distance) - are Seth Godin and Gary Vaynerchuk. Others include several business owners in the Small Giant's community. Also a big thanks to my high school principle Terry Harris and my father.

BS: How has the TV show Shark Tank changed entrepreneurism?

RR: It's given Entrepreneurship a FACE - saying - it's ok to strike out on your own.

BS: What’s next for you?

RR: TV show and my 4th book.

BS: Thank you, Ramon.


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