Passion is Not Commitment

What does everybody say when they go into a job interview?

“I’m so passionate about XYZ and that will make me a good candidate for (INSERT COMPANY HERE).”

That doesn’t work for me.

Why? Because it isn’t true. Passion doesn’t lead to commitment and it never has.

It’s the other way around. When you make a commitment to something, it means you’re setting a goal. You’re telling yourself, “I am willing to do this and sacrifice that.” By making a commitment, you’re recognizing that there is a certain level you have not yet attained, but want to reach. And, when you have these goals, you will develop a passion for said goal.

I say this because not everything that you commit to is something that you want. Take the workplace, for example. You have probably been handed a project that was really important, but that you did not find enjoyable. Instead of blowing it off, you made a commitment to getting it done, knowing that doing to would lead to some sort of benefit for you. And in that process, you become passionate about your goal; passionate about your commitment.

Love it or hate it, you must bring commitment to everything that you do if you plan to succeed.

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