Two Things I Learned on Tuesday from Andy Pettitte

I hosted a recent Steiner Sports Q&A at Yankee Stadium with Andy Pettitte, who of course will have his number retired by the Yankees this summer.

Andy is a guy that always seemed so fearless out on the mound. He was never afraid of the spotlight and approached every pitch regardless of the situation with the same intensity.

I’ve known Andy since the start of his Yankees career, but there is always more to learn about someone, so I wanted to share two new things I learned from Andy Pettitte:


Trust your teammates. Trust your stuff. Trust that you’ve put in the work necessary in the past to succeed in the now.

Build a Support System.

Along with the sentiment of trust, you are not going to do anything unless you have a team around you that can support you. Not just your teammates, but your family, advisors, mentors, friends…anyone that you’re able to pull tidbits of knowledge from to keep you moving forward in a positive way.


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