Steve Weatherford's 4 Life Lessons to Live By

There are only certain people in this world that have the ability to captivate a room with their energy, enthusiasm and overall exuberance. One of those people is New York Giants punter Steve Weatherford, a guy that I have come to know and love during his years in New York for his passion for life and his mission to do good in the community. 

Recently at a Steiner Sports Q&A, Steve spilled the secrets on his journey to success…secrets that I feel compelled to share.


Set the Long-Term Goal.

You’re not going to accomplish anything if you don’t have something to focus on that you’re working toward.


It’s not how hard you can train today, it’s hard hard you can train today, tomorrow and tomorrow. Once you start stacking these things up day-by-day, you do something like Steve, like going from 108 pounds as a freshman in high school to 220 pounds by the time you graduate.

Invest In Yourself.

Once you have a goal, you have to keep making deposits in order to see your investment grow. Treat your body and your mind with the upmost respect. 

Work Ethic + Passion = Real. People Respect Real.

What are you doing with what you’re given? Steve says he was blessed with an incredible work ethic. Then, he found a passion for football, which he was able to apply his work ethic to.  That’s the key. The only way you’re going to enjoy what you’re doing in life is if you’re passionate about it AND you work hard to be passionate about it. There’s a snowball effect to that.





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