No One Talks to Eachother

I am wondering lately what the story is with people not wanting to talk anymore. I thought it was just a young people trend, but turns out it’s everyone!

No one can talk. No one has time. It seems like it takes a days or a week to talk to someone.

Every time I want to talk with someone it takes days or a week to reach him or her. Most people don't return calls, even in my own office!

It’s hard enough to schedule time to break bread and have face-to-face meetings, but now it’s become increasingly difficult just to get on the phone with somebody. The only ways to get through to somebody is to text them or e-mail them…and then play the waiting game.

What happened to I call you, leave a message on your voicemail and 15 minutes later I’m already getting a call back? What happened to just having someone pick up the phone to talk? What happened to someone calling to say hello that didn't need something or wasn’t trying to sell me something?

Anyone I talk to tells me they’re swamped and overloaded. How did this happen with so many people so often? I guess if you’re checking your Instagrams, texts, Facebook, e-mails, who has time to talk? I think many of us will agree that we all want to get busy and do more, but if you’re SO busy

Are you really so busy that you have zero time?

The only thing I can think of is that there are now so many more people that you are able to stay in touch with that it stops anyone from developing real relationships with the people that are important that you need to stay in touch with. If we cut out a few people from our “rolodex” (I know that’s an archaic term now for most of you), then we would have more time to concentrate on the people that do matter.

Can you organize yourself in a way that you still have time to stay in touch with people and meet with people instead of just trying to talk to everybody in the world?

Sure, it’s great talking to the friend from 6th grade on Facebook, but then what? After we talk about all the fun times we had skipping school, eating all those cookies after school and playing basketball until 2am, what do we talk about? We’re connected, so I have to see everything that is going on and keep up with them…and it can be exhausting!

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