Are you a Mule or a Stallion?

What type of wife or husband, friend or employee are you? Are you a mule or are you a stallion?

Goldman Sachs has a motto. They’d rather tame a stallion than poke a mule.

There’s something to be said about that because at the end of the day too many people need to be reminded three times when something needs to be done. Did you fix the pipe under the sink? How about the four times when you were going to meet a friend, but cancelled? Does your boss have to tell you the same thing three or four times over and over?

Stallions never get lost. They rarely forget anything that they say they’re going to get done.

Mules will do something if you poke, but nothing if you don’t.

If I asked your wife or husband, boss or friend, are YOU a mule or a stallion, what would they say? Are you self-motivated and accountable?

I don’t mind having to try to tame a stallion because trying to get them in line isn’t that hard to do when they have energy, enthusiasm and creativity.

At the end of the day the valuable people in the world are the people you don’t have to ask twice. Isn’t it true that the people who are most valuable to you are the people you can depend on?


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