The 10 Best Things My Mother Taught Me

My mother was an amazing woman. There are a lot of things she taught me growing up, even as an adult, that still resonate with me today. Here is a shortlist of just ten of those things that you should start doing NOW if you don't already.

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1. Differentiate yourself.

When it comes to sales, it's not about you. It's not just about the message you're trying to sell. It's about how someone needs to receive the value of your message; your product or services.

2. Use your head, so you don't have to use your feet.

This was Mom's "stay in school" speech. Bottom line was that the more educated you are, the better off you'll be. As opposed to doing manual labor, you'll find more lucrative job opportunities as a thinker. But, you can't get there without being taught how to do so.

3. Give to give.

Don't judge whether you think someone needs help. If they're asking for help, they most likely need it.

4. Take a class that you can't teach yourself.

When you get the opportunity to go to school, try to take things that are going to help you out later on that you can't necessarily teach yourself. Same thing when you go to a restaurant- eat something you can't normally cook.

If I could go back to Syracuse would I have done more of that? Yes, absolutely. Mom was right on the money with this one. There are a million things in this world that you can teach yourself, but you can't teach yourself some of the most important things. More accounting, more finance - yes, sign me up. Those are specific skills that could have really helped me as I built up my business and I didn't do enough. Just because something may be difficult, don't be afraid to go all-in on getting through a challenge.

5. You Gotta Have Balls

Be fearless; don't be afraid. Why? Because you're worthy of having the best possible thing happen to you. You're worthy of hanging out with and working with the best people. If not you, then who?A key component to success is not just the ideas, but also how you work through them. Relish the opportunities you've been given to execute them on the biggest stage.

6. Always hold the door open for somebody.

Manners- there's still something to be said about being cordial towards your elders. A perfect example is this: I can't tell you how many times as a kid my brothers and I were in an elevator and when it would reach the main level rush out the door. "Where's Mom?" We turn around and there she is, waiting in the elevator. We would have to go back in and go get her. It's kind of a lost art with kid's today-showing respect to older people-let's bring that one back.

7. Tip the parking attendant on the way in rather than the way out.

What does tipping on the way out do for you? Nothing. Go the extra mile and tip on the way in next time you have valet parking. That parking attendant will go the extra mile for you, too. You'll find your car in a much nicer spot when you're trying to leave later on.

8. Never throw anything out.

There is always someone who could use the leftover food, clothing you may be tired of, etc. (This one may have caused a lot of problems for me as I have collected way too much over the years).

9. Count your change.

One day there was a blizzard and my mother sent me to get $100 from the store she owned. The employee gave me the money and I ran home. Sure enough, there was just $80 dollars when I walked in the door. I hit the streets for about five hours looking all over for the $20.

It was so cold that I had to give up. Eventually, the employee told me that he only gave me $80 and that I should always count the money because people make mistakes.

The truth is I can't believe how often people mistake change when I buy something with cash. Usually about two in ten times it's wrong.

10. Live on last year's salary, not what you, "hope," to make next year!

Spend less than you earn. Be cash flow positive at all times. Being under-capitalized at any point in your life is a very simple way to make yourself crazy and unhappy.

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