We Need to Practice Emotional First Aid

Here’s one of my favorite TED Talks from Psychologist Guy Winch, where he talks about how we need to respect our emotional well being as much as we respect our physical well-being; focusing on our feelings of failure, rejection and loneliness just as much as we focus on a root canal, broken arm or torn ACL.




Here are some notes from the talk:

  • We value the body more than we do the mind. It’s a type of favoritism that can be seen anywhere. We all know how to maintain our physical health by maintaining our hygiene…we’ve been doing it since we were probably five-years-old. We know when we need to put ice on a bruise, or go to the doctor. But, what we don’t pay enough attention to is when our brain needs a Band-Aid.
  • An average person doesn’t know much about maintaining psychological health. We generally spend more time taking care of our teeth than we do our minds.
  • Failure, rejection, and loneliness can all impact our lives in dramatic ways.
  • There’s scientifically proven methods to maintain our physical health, yet they are widely ignored. There’s a negative stigma around psychological health. As a society, it’s time we stopped viewing trying to maintain your emotional well being as “weak.”
  • Let’s start respecting our emotional hygiene.
  • What’s the one thing bothering YOU mentally? There’s a good chance it’s having a profound effect on others and your physical self.


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