Why did effort get dropped from our vocabulary?

A lot of people don’t understand the insane amount of effort it takes to get your idea to stick. Everybody has a big idea- like Mark Cuban said to me at a recent Steiner Sports event, “Ideas are like a** h***s, everybody’s got one.” But, what’s the key thing to execute that idea and make things happen?

Answer: Effort.

Look, I know that’s an overly simplistic answer, but let’s peel back the layers behind that word:

ef·fort noun \ˈe-fərt, -ˌfȯrt\

: work done by the mind or body : energy used to do something

: a serious attempt to do something

: something produced by work

What does it mean to make a serious attempt to do something? It’s having a plan. It’s determining if your idea represents a solution to a need that an audience has. It’s figuring out what you need to carry out your plan.

Most importantly, effort is your willingness to get out there and just do it (thanks, Nike).

So, what ideas do you have? As we're all making New Year's Resolutions, think about your action plan.


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