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Collecting is all about having something to recall your fondest memories.

Take the 1994 Stanley Cup, for example. That championship was as much for the New York Rangers players as it was for the fans of the team. When I grew up, I lived and died with the Rangers, day-in and day-out. I waited my whole life for a championship and when I was in my mid-thirties, we finally got one.

I remember putting my son to sleep when he was around four years old, just after the ’94 season. He asked me to tell him a story. Next to his bed was a magazine with the iconic picture of Mark Messier grinning as he was handed the Stanley Cup. So, I picked it up and started talking about their playoff run—the Guarantee, “Matteau! Matteau! Matteau!,” “This one will last a lifetime!”—the whole bit.

Of course, 30 seconds in my son was already sleeping, but I sat there thinking to myself, “Wow, this is a really great story!” For me, photos have always been the story. When I was a kid growing up with learning disabilities, pictures were essential. I used to track down any photos I could find. I had every sports magazine. My walls were plastered with photos.

So right then and there I figured out that my most valuable collectibles are from the players and experiences that I enjoyed most. And telling this story to my son, I realized that my sports experience had come full-circle. Cherishing these special moments was a way for me to connect with my family.

At this point in time in ’94, Steiner Sports was still just a marketing company. But, this moment with my son was a type of epiphany. I realized that I needed to help bring sports fans closer to the players and the moments that formed their favorite memories. So, that’s when I created Steiner Sports Memorabilia.

20 years later, I am happy to introduce In Their Own Words™which is a series of signed photos from some of the most magical moments in sports with inscription “stories.” These Story Pages™ allow athletes to give their first-hand accounts of what it felt like being a part of sports history.

From Mark Messier to Mariano Rivera, Mia Hamm, Derek Jeter, Magic Johnson, Lou Holtz, Dennis Rodman, Joe Montana and over 100 others, Steiner Sports is proud to launch this new product line in both signed and facsimile versions for fans to commemorate the stories behind their favorite sports memories.

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