Business Love

My good friend Joe Sweeney told me recently that networking isn’t about hunting people down. Because, what happens when you do? Like animals, they run away.

Joe couldn’t be more right. To me, networking is about loving people down. It’s not about kill or be killed. It’s love or be left out.

Collaboration, and learning how to interact with people- that’s the stuff that will spell success for you.

From a business perspective, love used to be a sign of weakness. Today, the opposite is true. Love is what connects you with your customers and your staff. It’s having a personality and making a one-on-one connection.

Just ask Peter Shankman. He's written an entire book on the subject. In Nice Companies Finish Firstthe PR pioneer talks about how companies are setting new standards for success the collaborative world.

So, how do you connect with customers? Or, how do you want to connect with the companies you buy from?


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