Don't Exercise If You're Not Healthy


If you're not healthy, the last thing you should be doing is exercise.

Confused? Let me tell you what I mean.

My nutritionist said one of the first objectives is not to lose weight, but to gain health. A lot of people misunderstand that really being healthy is the first priority over exercise.

Sometimes exercise is overrated. Why? Because you can’t outwork bad nutrition. 

Get your diet right before you decide to go hit the gym for an hour. You spend all that time and money on classes and memberships, etc., so don’t throw it all away by throwing back that burger and fries.

Think about it: if you have a Camry, are you going to fill it up with diesel fuel? Of course not! So stop doing that to your body.

If you want to get fit, get right. Stop eating the things you shouldn’t be.


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