Becoming a Leader

People often get confused about the different between leading and managing. They think that the two are one in the same. That’s not the case. There is a clear distinction between the two.

I think it is important to learn how to manage and even more important to grow beyond that into a leader.

What is managing?

  • Managing is maintaining.
  • Many times its waiting until the end of the month to see what happened. Managing can mean being afraid of confrontation, “and if its not broke, don’t break it.”
  • Managing is making sure that everything is okay, nice and smooth.

What is leadership?

  • Leadership takes managing a step further.
  • Leadership is, “If it isn’t broke, break it.”
  • It’s looking ahead.
  • It’s not being afraid to take people in a direction even though they don’t agree with it because you know its for the betterment of the group.
  • Leadership is helping other people plan their tomorrow today.
  • Leadership is being a little bit of a risk taker.
  • Having the power to will things to be rather than waiting for things to be.
  • Leadership is how you act when no one is looking. It’s also understanding that what you say isn’t as important as what people hear.
  • Leadership is thinking about other people and their interests before you think of your own.



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