Respect. A Salute to Derek Jeter.

New York Yankees vs Baltimore Orioles

Derek Jeter. 18 years a business partner. 18 years a friend. I can’t say enough about what Derek Jeter has meant both to baseball and to me. His popularity magnified this season, every baseball fan has been privy to re-living his many career accomplishments. But even further, what I’ve taken away from my relationship with him goes far beyond baseball.

Here is a list of all the things Derek Jeter has taught me:

  • Have respect for your parents/family and learn from them.
  • Respect your bosses
  • Respect the type of business you are in and make your industry better than it was before you got there
  • Respect your associates even when they are on the other team.
  • Respect others even if it’s not convenient.
  • Hate to lose.
  • Love to win.
  • Don't make believe it’s okay to lose.
  • Stay humble and stay grounded no matter how many people are saying nice things and no matter how much money you have.
  • Give back and make helping others that need help a priority.
  • Give 100 percent all the time. Be all-in every day. Make every game the seventh game of the World Series.
  • Don't treat everyone the same. Treat everyone fairly.
  • Don't focus on yourself. Focus on others.


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