Why the Two-Minute Drill Will Save Your Life

You want to achieve something? There’s nothing that will spur you on more than a two-minute drill.



was talking to my friend Gerry Matalon from ESPN and he told me that sometimes you have to drag people into the winner’s circle. In essence, a two-minute drill will make you focus only on what you need to get the most important thing in your day done.

Know what you need to get done because you’re going to be forced to do it with urgency.

It’s all about achievement today. Stop worrying about all of the activity and distractions around you. Just move the chains.

Put down your cell phone, don’t let your co-workers distract you. Don’t get caught up in water-cooler talk. Play the game within the game. Sometimes you have to play a game with yourself to stay away from those distractions.

What do you need to do and how are you going to get it done? Sometimes a hurry-up offense is the only thing that will get shit done!


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