Appreciate the Underrated Things in Your Life

The most underrated things in life are often the most important. You might not even realize it, but without them, your quality of life would be significantly different. Here are my favorite most underrated things in life that we all need to think more about once in a while:

  • Kissing and a real hug.
  • Airline attendant's that are actually interested in making you have a great flight.
  • Great French Fries. (Don’t worry, a blog on great fries will be coming soon)
  • Companies that really do great community service work- for the right reasons.
  • People that dress great.
  • Older people that keep themselves in shape.
  • A clean bathroom in an office or restaurant.
  • A great server in a restaurant that makes you glad you are in their section.
  • A drive to work with no traffic!
  • A flight that leaves on time and gets there on time…or early!
  • Good airport food is rare, but when it happens enjoy it!
  • A boss that cares about you and is willing to tell you what you don't want to hear. (Remember, the truth is constructive feedback)
  • A company that cares about more than just the money.
  • A sales person that cares about more than just making the sale.
  • Your kids telling you how much they appreciate you and all you have done
  • Someone you don't even know in the car ahead of you  buys your coffee in the morning!
  • A great movie or Broadway show.
  • A call from a person you do business with when they're not calling you about business.

What are the most underrated things in your life?

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