No Worries

Don’t worry about a thing
‘Cause every little thing is gonna be all right.
-Bob Marley

The other day I was worrying about some things and I remembered this old joke:

There’s this guy named Jaime. Jaime is so worried all the time, he can’t sleep. All night, he paces up and down the room.

His wife wakes up and says, “Jaime, what’s wrong?”

“I can’t pay the rent,” he says.

“We’ll talk about it tomorrow,” she says. “Go back to sleep.”

He tries to go back to sleep, but he can’t. He starts pacing around the room again.

His wife wakes up. “Jaime, what are you doing?”

“I can’t pay the rent,” he says.

“Go back to sleep,” she says.

He tries to go back to sleep, but he just keeps tossing and turning. Right before he’s about to get out of bed again, his wife gets up, and walks to the phone.

She picks it up and dials the landlord. “Hello,” she says. “Jaime can’t pay the rent this month.”

She hangs up.

“What’d you do that for?” he says.

“Let them worry all night about the rent,” she says.

I love that joke because I think worrying is one of the main diseases that kills people.

We worry while we should be working to change things, or we worry about things we can’t control. Either way, we waste too much time worrying.

Are any of your worries productive?

NOTE: If you’re the worrying type, I highly recommend picking up the book How to Stop Worrying and Start Living by Dale Carnegie. It’s a must-read for any worrier!

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