Consistency Over Time = Credibility

I’ve gotten to know Mike Hopkins, Jim Boeheim’s top assistant at Syracuse, pretty well over the years.

Mike and I are constantly battling over the important ingredients of success; how to get players, salespeople and employees to the next level. One thing we can agree upon, though, is on a favorite quote of mine that he framed in his office, which reads:

“Consistency Over Time = Credibility” 

Whenever, wherever, or with whomever we see success, it’s easy to take note of how consistent that person, organization or team is—because it is always there. When there is consistency, meaning the same tenacity day-in and day-out, you are better prepared for the long-haul and your efforts will withstand the test of time.

There’s no need to cram all your big sales calls into the last day of the month and you shouldn’t be pulling all-nighters getting ready for an exam. Don’t short-change your family either with too many late nights at the office, missed ball games, etc. If you want to be successful at work, at school and at home, you need to build your success every day.

Bucket of Little League BaseballsWhen I was coaching Little League and my team was struggling in the middle of the season, I told my players, “We all agree we have to get better, but how do you want to do it? Should we practice for the next 24-hours straight? Will that make us better? Or, would you rather practice for 6 hours a week over the next month?”

Obviously cramming in a month’s-worth of practice into one day wouldn’t be the answer. Unfortunately, everybody crams. And what happens after that big exam or the big game? You forget everything.

The only way to be successful is to constantly be learning and always making an effort to improve. The only way for your work to withstand the test of time is for you to do great work over a length of time.

What are you doing on a daily basis to withstand the test of time? How are you helping your team every day? How will you be a better parent, a better spouse a better co-worker and a better teammate today?


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